First Timer - First indoor grow. Please join my journey

Yeah a lil perkier it seems.


Thanks for the tag. Sorry im a lil late family deal yea?


Hehehe. This is a first! Most misunderstand it completely the other way. As in 8 weeks to flower out completely or 8 weeks seed to harvest. Never thought about it ur way. N honestly? It makes alot more sense (even if its all a gamble, AUTOs right? Lol)

This is awesome. Congratulations! Worth the effort already right?

These im kinda lost on. Most plants are HARD to train and honestly break more then bend in my grows by week 3 of flower. I dont like topping autos, but lst is always an option IMO. And by week 3 of flower, most of ur training should be done.

Mine too! Lol 3 years in and she still does. But if i go a week without messing with them she’s fussy as all outdoors. She knows that stash is:

A. Keeping me here and anyway from other women (or the possibility of them).
B. More for HER then it is me lmao.

Also like HellBoy said. Im BOT the authority on autos. Best disclaimer i got is ive only harvested 3 tops. And usually 1-1.5 oz harvests so definitely not breaking records. Will try again one day

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Thank you so much for the detailed reply and the laugh I got from the stash comment :grinning_face_with_smiling_eyes:

I’m thinking that will do a bit of defoliation and LST on them now before it gets too hard to bend. Right now seems pretty easy to do. Lots of bud sites that could benefit for sure.

Will keep y’all posted!

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Anytime man. Anytime. Thanks for the couple laughs u gave back. I was chuckling the whole time i typed.

Im happy u felt the jokiness and didnt go left field on me lol. Happy growing and feel free to drop tagbombs whenever. Im probably already on watch but always helps


Heck no man! You cracked me up!
I appreciate you and sure will!

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@PiratedSoldier @PurpNGold74 @Hellraiser @latewood @Mr_Wormwood @UGrowGIRL

Good morning y’all,

So I went ahead and started LST on the ladies late last night. This is what they looked like, notice right side is where I bent apicola the other branches I pulled to the left side.

This is what they look like this morning (less than 6 hours since LST):

Off to work, have a fantastic day y’all.
Happy growing :grinning:


Oh and I did some defoliation too.


@Hellraiser @PurpNGold74 @latewood

For whatever it’s worth, after further research I have found that the more light your Auto’s get the better. I even found a seed bank that said that some people do 24 hour cycle but did mention that 18/6 OR 20/4 was better because it gave the plant rest time. It mentioned that a 12/12 cycle works too but that your yield would be smaller. They love as much light as the photo plants it’s just that they don’t use it to start flowering.

Grow on!


I would agree with that, there are beneficial processes that happen during the dark cycle so best to let them rest some every day.


That is exactly right. Most ex[eroenced growers have found 18/6-20/4 their favorite photo period for Auto.s

Even with autuo’s the roots do better during the dark period.

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