First Timer - First indoor grow. Please join my journey

I have a question for a moderator? Any moderators around?



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Not sure if you should feed it any flowering nutes or not. I’ve got autos outside in ocean forest, and I won’t give them anything unless they show me they need it. Except microbes :grin: and maybe calmag.

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Definitely no nutrients added as a matter of fact in my opinion it looks like you might have a little too much nitrogen as the leaves look kind of dark.

Nothing that can be done about that really if I’m even right

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Yeppers, it’s the FFOF but no harm according to the vets around here.
Thank you!


Do you keep them under that shelter everyday, oe are they just under cover for the pictures.

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Can you fill out my support ticket. It will catch me up with your grow methods, etc…Much faster, and allow me to provide an edicated answer.


I saw your original post, but would like an update to make sure I know what you are doing. :slight_smile:

Hi there @latewood

I am attempting to grow Gorilla Glue Auto’s from ILGM in soil.
They are in FFOF, almost 5 weeks from sprouting. 2x2x5 tent, SF-1000 full spectrum lights (x2), 4" inline fan with carbon filter. 20/4 light cycle.
Only nutrients given so far is the calmag. Have not started any LST on it yet and have done minimum defoliation.

This is the 9th day of flowering.

Thanks in advance for any wisdom you can provide!!

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Being at the 5 week mark with an Auto I’m curious why you’re running a 20/4?

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OK. Thanks for the info.

Why haven’t you oruned and trained yet? Best to get the stress taken care of well before floerting, IMO.

What nutrients have you got to use?

I still do not know if they are still inside or that you are transiotionng to outdoors.

This, don’t want nute burn.


Just for the watering, they are indoors in the 2x2

I sure appreciate you asking because I was going to actually ask if that was too much. I had read somewhere that I should finish autos without any modification of light cycle.
And actually for my next grow I will use the 6 on/ 2 off cycle that someone suggested in this forum…cant remember who lol.

What should they be? Thank you kind sir!

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@latewood @Hellraiser @PurpNGold74 @UGrowGIRL @PiratedSoldier

Thank you!
So I have Robert’s nutes (not to be confused with nuts y’all :slight_smile: :laughing:) packages but not using any yet because they are planted in FFOF.

I viewed Mr. Canucks (youtube personality) on an auto grow and he said that he didn’t like to do anything to his autos until week three of flowering. He felt that it would hurt growth since autos are short already??? Something like that. Made sense then. But to be honest I didn’t expect these girls to start flowering so quickly. I totally misunderstood the ILGM packaging or info that said 8 weeks to flower

So question is should I start training them now? I think they are looking healthy and happy…hell my wife is starting to get jealous of the girls since I spend so much time looking at them and talking about them lmao!!

And again, thanks to everyone here. Such an awesome community.
Because of this medicine I am off my two horrible prescription drugs: adderal and clonazapem!!
Too bad Texas is behind the eight ball :frowning:


Well keep in mind I am new to growing cannabis. But plants operate much like a solar system. Once the plant reaches a full change in a sense they won’t take in more energy. I don’t have autos growing and I don’t think I will as I like more control of the plant. I am running my light schedule similar to what a plant would naturally see. I started with an 18/6 and now mine are at a 16/8. This is their week 5 in veg. Every two days I’m increasing their dark period by one hour. This is creating a natural transition for flowering. Every couple of days I am also doing a bit of training and pruning, but once they reach or show signs of flowering I will stop and only focus on pruning and maintaining their canopy.

The reason I asked was because as a plant perspective, yours look exhausted in the picture. If they don’t have a rest period and are in flower that could be stunting them.

Whether you need to mimic that, doubtful. But from everything I’ve read having the plants on a 12/12 for auto’s especially when they show they are transitioning to flower is important.

Others with more experience on these plants can chime in. But I’d say if you’re training, everything I read indicates you want to be done with it before flowering starts, I’d switch to a 16/8 for a few days after you setup the training, this should allow time for the plant to heal and recover from any stress.


@Hellraiser @latewood @PurpNGold74 @Mr_Wormwood @UGrowGIRL

Thanks so much for the input. What you are saying makes total sense. I thought they looked healthy but you say they look exhausted. And guess what I really don’t know!! hahaha

I will eventually try the photo seeds to have more control but for now I’m good with the autos. So much information out there that I have been just staying here for the most part. I’ve read that you can run your autos 18/6 the whole way through… Then I read that 20/4 gives good results too… so yeah I would like for you vets, any of you, to please chime in. Not to prove one right or wrong but to help this poor newbie get it right.



Here’s a picture of them now, a day after watering.


I don’t like to speak about subjects that I really don’t know about, never grown an auto so my advise is pretty useless in that area. I defer all auto questions to those that know autos @Nicky and @Not2SureYet .


They look better there.

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