First Timer - First indoor grow. Please join my journey

After seeing the level of support and kindness in this community (example that comes to mind is the support that @UGrowGIRL received by many of you like @PurpNGold74 ) I couldn’t help but to want share my very first indoor grow, I can’t do it alone y’all…baby grower here :slight_smile:

Here is my setup:

  • 2 x 2 x 5 SF tent
  • 2 x SF-1000 full spectrum LED lights
  • 4" inline fan/carbon filter venting to the room
  • 5 gal fabric Vivosun pots
  • ILGM Gorilla Glue Auto
  • Soil - FFOF
  • Tap/bottled water (Tap pH around 8.1, bottled around 6-6.5)
  • No added nutrients (yet)
  • Not Ph’ing water (yet)
  • Soil pH around 6 right now.

Light schedule: 20/4
14 days old from germination. I purchased a pH meter and pH down solution to get my water right. I have also purchased nutrients from ILGM but have not received them yet.
The temp/humidity ranges from 83- 75 F/ 45-62 but closer to 50.

I will be posting updates as my ladies grow. Haven’t decided if I will use LST or top/fim or nothing at all. Curious to hear what y’all suggest.

Thanks in advance for any help or comments :slight_smile: :grinning:


Welcome to the forum. It’s a great place to hang out and learn. :blush::blush:


Welcome aboard,looking good👍

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Happy to tag along. Might want to get a good ph and tds meters the one you’re using will get u in trouble


Ph the water. Way more important than I ever would have thought :grin:
I’m gonna tag along, if that’s ok. I’m new to growing also, doing an auto run now.
Have my photo seeds in germ now.
Looking forward to lots of nice bud pics in the future.
Happy growing 🪴


I’m also had decent success during veg topping my autos. Well, as far as them bouncing back… The end result is yet to be seen.
I’ll tag you in my grow journal if you’d like, you can learn from my mistakes :rofl::joy:


WELCOME TO THE FORUM! I’ll be watching. This is a good place to ask your questions and get answers from knowledgeable folks!


Howdy, think I’ll pull up a chair and sit a spell. Your looking good

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Thanks for the kind words. Great idea starting up a journal. Its invaluable to look back and see advise and mistakes u can avoid. And even just progress of urself as a grower.

I recommend LST to 90% of grows. Its the most beneficial, least detrimental thing u can do yourself to get fat buds.

Topping/FIMming is 50-50 imo. It can help plants explode but mostly is a hindrance in my grows.

A combination of the two is probably the best bet. But we’ll cross that bridge as we get there.

Here and set to watching. Keep it green


Thanks Allin, I actually have a ‘proper’ pH meter. It does TDS as well. Mid range price one from amazon.
I don’t understand why TDS (total dissolved solids?) measurements are needed…

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Thanks and please do tag me! When I say I am new at this I mean new. less than a month lol.

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Thanks @PurpNGold74
I plan on doing LST for this grow. I am so excited I can’t stand it. One of my friends scoffed at the idea that I could grow quality bud. My bet is on me and this forum :slight_smile: :grinning:


For starters when I mix uses like general hydro flora or other they give you the ratio of these nutes to each other and make it easy to understand by dummies like me so at x amount per gallon of each you get the ratio then they give you the recommended strength in ppm so I can dilute with water to get the desired strength. When using preloaded soils like ffof or ffhf ppm or tds will tell you when your preloaded nutrients are depleted d therefore when you need to start feeding as well as watering

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Lst vs topping - i think you have the perfect setup for experiencing the difference between the two first hand :slight_smile: top one and lst the other to see the difference :slight_smile:

I only just finished my first grow, but i only grew 1plant. Tried LST and i would do it again :slight_smile:

Best of luck!


Oh heck yea, @PurpNGold74 saved my sanity quite a few times, along with MANY others.

Love this group of people right here.


Quick question, the super long ductwork, what are you trying to accomplish with it? Intake or Exhaust?


Welcome to the community, a great place to learn from a butt load of great experienced growers. You set up looks great for a 1st timer! well done on the research :love_you_gesture:


Welcome to the community. There looking good.


My question as well. Really want to suck in air from the top of the tent (above the light) to exhaust - the whole hot air rises thing rather than from the bottom of the tent which is what looks like is going on unless you’re blowing air into the tent which would lead to more questions.

Your hanging fans setup is interesting, might try my way of hanging fans, much easier to adjust height as the plants grow by using rope ratchet hangers.

I remove the fan base and just attach one end of the ratchet hanger directly to the fan and hang it upside down

Other end of ratchet hanger attached to a top corner of tent

Fans are just hanging and easily moved up/down


looking good kidda

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