First time grower GG#4

Looks to me like you still have slow growth I would not be defoliating until you are ready to flip it slows growth down during veg
How much are you feeding and watering?
What are your PH and PPM readings going in and in your run off?

I’m going to have to say I don’t know.
As far as runoff goes, no idea. There is none.
I have to implement some way to catch the runoff, then I can see. I avoid it as it will go into to the carpet.

Defoliation was primarily dead leaves and damaged ones I got tired of looking at. I wasn’t aware that it was not to be done during veg. I’ll not trim so much.

As far as ppm. I’m not feeding at this time, I’ve got them in FFOF and I feel it’s not been long enough to be all used up. I guess I could scroll up and see when I transplanted them.

I had nitrogen toxicity, and the only plants that didn’t yellow were the GG4.
I’m nearing the halfway point of their height limit.

Closing in on 4 months. Had another cat attack, and some ph issues have been resolved. I’ve also installed a net. The net is at 3’3" from the floor.

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I would pull those damaged leaves no sense wasting energy keeping them alive you have enough good leaves and more will pop up soon enough
Glad you got your PH issues taken care of! :sunglasses:

Alright. Found 2 males. Gonzo. The tall one, the plant formerly known as “Stacy” was a dude. RIP brah

Ok. So after I killed the male, we looked at the root. We were underwatering. Resolved.

I have all the six Gorilla glue two ghost clones and one out of the three sativas left… week two flower. I think it’s starting to become obvious why I really wanted to grow that damn sativa. Look at this mama!


Check this out!

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I’ve lost track of time. I think beginning week 4 very soon.


@Hellraiser , @Oldguy @spankyjr1 ,

Is this nanners??? If not what is it?


Yep, those are nanners, plant has gone hermie.


Dang. Alright. Thank you for the quick reply.


Sorry for your loss Brother

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Still have these ladies

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Starting week 6 of flower.

Here’s the latest trichome pics



Alright, I apologize about the quality of the last trichome pics.
Maybe I can do better.
This is clear, most seem to be white.
Day 46 Flower