First time grower GG#4

Hello all,
I’ve planted 10 GG#4, and I would love some advice/tips…
These are Feminized seeds from ILGN.
I’ll be using peat pods, and a soil medium.

I planted 3/17

I also have:
3 Purple Haze seedling 3/5 (regular seeds)

And 3 older plants
(Practice shot)

My light is Spectrum King 602

My room is about 10x8x8.
I intend on flowering here, but I’m trying to figure out what to do for the door. Where somehow I’m going to have to get ducting in there and not allow any light from the hallway…
This is a work in progress and I am going shopping soon.


Just want to point out that your choice of growing medium is peat based with a starter fertilizer. After a week or so you will need to start feeding your plants to keep them growing. Nothing wrong with that, in fact many growers prefer it, but it won’t get you through a month or two without feeding like a true soil would. You need to have your nutrients on hand. Might be why older plant is “compact”.

I just flipped my GG#4’s - they are DWC… and I learned that it is easy to burn them with they light. Mine actually grew better when I dimmed my lights a bit. Good luck - like your set up. Wish I could grow in a whole room :handshake:

I have some nutrients on hand, cal mag. I am going to be making a list of things I need.

The older plants look goofy because they were raised with a really weak light that isn’t even really made to grow plants. It’s a surprise they didn’t die. They did immediately perk up when they were put underneath this light though.
The seedlings were started underneath the good light.

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That grow light is some serious piece of hardware. Nice job on that light.
You could probably avoid all need for running ducting into your room with a Window frame
vent designed for clothes dryers in high rise buildings. Just installs like a window AC.

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The windows are side slide ones. I am in an apartment and there’s a thieving problem lately. I’m going to have to vent to the hallway somehow.


Definitely got 8 out of ten to pop.

The purple haze is coming along.

Bought a load of goodies, pots and things. Should be in this Wed.
For now … I’ve got these nutes.

.still learning on here.



Got you a feed chart for your current nutes.
Noticed there’s only some out of the grow bottle. Others look full.
They’re actually designed to be used together as a complete regimen.
This chart is for a drain to waste set up which is essentially what you’ve got there with the peat based medium.
Lookin good so far.
And welcome to ILGM. :+1:


Thank you. I definitely needed that chart. I appreciate the welcome as well. This is quite interesting and I am very happy I don’t have to go at it alone.
This grow is going to be my first, but this website has already helped me quite a bit.
This is a passion of so many, and I can see why.

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Absolutely. If you’ve got any questions just tag away. Lots of experienced folks willing to help if needed.

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Hang 2 layers of blankets in the hall you can go through one and close it behind you and go through the other with no light getting in

Hanging blankets is probably what I’ll do.

Any manufacturers or inventors in the house?
Please make me a free one & steal my idea. I would love to take the front side of a tent, a grow tent, with the zippers and the ports. and set it up so that it can be installed in any standard door, or hallway.
I’ve got multiple ideas on how it could be hung, but something like a wooden baby gate…

Blankets is a great idea though. That’s probably what I’ll end up doing. Thanks!

In my floor room I used a sheet of ply wood with through bolted threaded rod to snug the wood up against the frame for light seal
Veg room led into the flower room so I could be in veg room with no I’ll effect to flowering

and ran ducting through walls with great stuff spray foam… and suckeed air from right in front of the veg rooms ac for an extra burst of cold air.m. I was running 2480 watts of quantum board… (4x 600rspecs)

And see those racks in the bottom of the full room I invented that it’s a sea of green rack instead if screen of green rack for 1 plant it’s for 24 small plants to make a full 2 foot by 4 foot canopy in a fraction of the time from clone I can fully flower that thing out from cut to harvest in 11 to 12 weeks depending on strains

they love the tall skinny pvc pots there open on bottom with screen enclosure holding bottom quart if perlite in for drainage built 11 of them for 600 bucks and was set to turn a harvest every week of 3/4 Lb to 1.25 Lb in 2 10x10 rooms 3 in veg 8 in flower every week rotate one for 8 weeks of flower 3 prepping in veg for 11 weeks

Heck yeah, that is impressive as heck. I’m only allowed six at each stage. My son is growing with me, so that is twelve. I have thought about a growing licence, but perhaps after I can…

I wish I could do it legally …no growing allowed here in florida

There’s the ones that popped and thrived. Six GG#4.

There’s the others.
Got an AC Infinity 8. Going to install this weekend.

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Off to a great start!
Are you trying to grow real tall plants?
On your light mounting you may want to install some rope hangers so you can adjust the height of the light to avoid excess stretching

The taller plants were started with a 65w incandescent pos bulb. They we’re among dozens of plants that stretched until they fell and died.
Since I installed this LED, a spectrum King SK 602, I have the dimmer about halfway if I turn it up all the way I can definitely burn those plants up. I’m trying to get them looking better, but those particular three plants are just there for practice, and it shows.

How do my seedlings look as far as height? They were started with the LED.

The seedlings also look stretched IMO you can save money if you lower the light instead of turning it up and slow down the stretch.
Once you transplant you can bury most of the stem but if it stays on this course your node spacing will be too much IMO
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