First Grow (Indoor Tent) - Advice is most welcome!

Things are looking good. You don’t need to lollipop, but you’ll want to do a little selective plucking of some fan leaves to promote some airflow. Plan on a significant defol around week 3.

I said it before, but try to keep up with growth and leveling over the next couple weeks. It can get out of hand surprisingly fast.


and what of the lights and fans? Do i need to remove the fans? raise them? Raise the lights?

They look fine for now. Keep your DLI on track and raise or lower as needed. The higher the lights, the more even the coverage. Fans look like they’re at a good height now, but you’ll need to raise them as the plants grow upward.


Am I still shooting for 25ish DLI?
And that being said, I am going to have come up with a good way to raise and lower these lights.

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I run lights a bit higher, roughly about 30 at the start of flower. If they squawk I back off. You’ll need to put the lights on ratchets and lose the cable loop they came with. You’ll gain a lot of needed vertical movement space. Best to do it early, as it just gets more difficult to switch the later on the grow you do it.

well shit. I will have to go find something to buy.

You can get some lift out of what you got by simply useing 1 cable instead if 2 per side.
Clip the clips in each hole on the corners and then just clip the one attached to tent to the center and there you go. It will be hanging about half the distance it is now from the top.

I think i would leave equipment as is gor now. I do agree you could go through canopy and remove larger fan leaves starting from top. Looks pretty thick in pics, would improve airflow and help get light deeper into canopy.

Well crap, @DrWoo. I just realized I forgot to order my brackets from @CoyoteCody! I just now ordered 3 sets, but I do not think they will arrive in time to make a difference.

May 14 is the estimated date.

Tents are maintaining temperature and humidity pretty well.

I haven’t seen 45% with the flap closed in 2 months. Oh, the halcyon days of February, when humidity was my friend…

@DrWoo, @dbrn32, @1HappyPappy, @Bulldognuts

AHHH! What’s this?! My poor, poor Chronic Widow!

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@DrWoo , @dbrn32 , @Bulldognuts , @1HappyPappy

Okay, it appears to possibly be a calcium deficiency? is that what you all see?

And what should I do if it is? My AutoPots are filled with perfectly pH’d and Jack’s 321.


Depends on how full res is as to what I i would do.
Ideally to me, i could wait till reservoir was empty and up my calcium in my next batch. But if I had a full tank I would probably try to add some to it and ph it again if it needed…

You can’t do anything to fix the effected leafs but it shouldn’t spread once the plant gets what it needs.

Weather you try to correct now or with reservoir change is up to you…

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Looks like mag in that 2nd pic. If PH is good, then you need to up either cal or mag or both. I’d do both. You could either use calmag directly and keep the jacks ratios the same or modify the mix of the Jacks ingredients.

What are grams per gallon are you using in your mix for B and Epsom?

3.8 - A
2.5 - B
1.0 - Epsom
pH - 5.8

Luckily, yesterday was water day. I did not know how much to ‘up’ my calcium, but I did add extra.
I mixed up 4 gallons, which would normally call for 10g of part B. I increased it by about 20%, and put 12g instead.

I did not add any extra Epsom to the mix yet but can. She has 4 gallons of water currently (maybe 3.8) and that water had 4g of Epsom and 12g of Calcium. I can go add more if you think i should. Just tell me how much. :smiley:

Oh, and should I raise her pH for a few days? I read that slightly higher pH will help her take in cal-mag faster. She is probably at 5.8-5.9 right now

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Ph drifting could be the cause from the start.
Heres a chart with ph ranges for uptake.

Higher ph in soil may help but we want to use the hydroponics side in coco and 5.8-6.2 is the sweet spot.

I’d hold the ph where it is. Nothing wrong with 5.8-5.9. I’d bump the Epsom up for the rest of the grow to something like 1.2-1.4 grams/gal. The extra won’t hurt the plants not showing a deficiency. Some cultivars are a bit more sensitive to slight deficiencies, and your widow may be one.

For what it’s worth, the brown striping between the ribs of the leaf in the second pic is what leads me to believe it’s mag. Cal is more of a random spotting. Could be both, though.

I believe it was dbrn32 in another thread that indicated he routinely boosts the mag above the normal / recommended level in the Jack’s recipe. One of the mods, at any rate. I’ve been mixing at 1.25g/gal since. Didn’t see problems before at 1.0, nor since.