First Grow (Indoor Tent) - Advice is most welcome!

So I have purchased what I believe to be a suffecient kit.

1x Vivosun 3x3x6 Grow Tent
2x Vivosun VS1000 LED Grow Light
1x VIVOSUN 4 Inch 190 CFM Inline Fan
1x 4 Inch Carbon Filter
1x 8 Feet of Ducting
1x Temperature Humidity Monitor

This will be my first grow. Right now the biggest concern I have is what height I should hang the lights. Is that enough light? Too much maybe?
And how many photo’s can grow and fully mature at a time in that grow space.


LOL, reading more peoples first time grows, I appear to be terribly under prepared. Looks like I need special soils and nutrients and everything. I was sitting here thinking I could just use potted soil and simple fertilizers lol


This seems to be the recommended soil. Thoughts?

FoxFarm FX14054 Happy Frog Potting Soil,


Happy Frog soil is a good starter soil for seedlings. You will likely need to start nutrients within 3-4 weeks after your girls are in veg.


You can keep it simple, depends on what nutrient line you are using. Do you have ph and TDS meter?


I was looking at these nutrients:

FoxFarm Liquid Nutrient Trio Soil Formula: Big Bloom, Grow Big, Tiger Bloom

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I do not have a pH meter, but was assuming I could pick one up at the pet store (Aquarium gear, right?)

What is a TDS meter?


Many people start out with FF nutrients, they are sufficient, but can be difficult to keep ph levels in soil at proper levels. You will also need to flush soil at specific times, to keep salt buildup from causing issues.

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TDS stands for total dissolved solids, you will need to water to runoff once plants get fully established in Veg. The HF soil will carry your girls for a few weeks without the need to feed. Once nutrients in soil starts to deplete you will need to start nutrients. When you water until water starts to run out the bottom of pots, you need to use TDS meter to measure parts per million of runoff. Once ppm’s drops below a certain level, you will need to start adding nutrients.


So you’re not doing to bad at all my freind.

So alot of people use FF soils because they are available every and do fairly well…

But just about any soil will work though and just about any nutrient lines will also.

But that being said, it is best to get soil with out any time released nutrients in it, like miracle grow soils are not advanced because thry use so much time released nitrogen in many of there products…
It will work but can lead to issues for new growers…

And for nutrients, most people here are going to say use Jacks 321, its cheap and very user-friendly…

I advice against Fox farms nutrient line of fertilizers and many others will agree, it’s expensive, has way to many bottles to deal with…

Jacks 321 fertilizer or general hydroponics trio.

Or any “trio” useing only the main 3 parts. All the extra 10-20 bottles of add on stuff is just a waste of money and makes things super complicated for beginners…

I use absolutely nothing but these products and get great results in soil and coco coir. I use FF ocean forest in main pot and I use FF happy frog in a solo cup to get started then trans plant that into ocean forest…


You need to invest into a decent ph meter, you can get one for approximately $15 from Amazon or at a local hydroponics store. But especially when growing in soil keeping ph levels near 6.5 is important to allow roots to keep up taking nutrients. Apera makes a great ph meter and TDS meter.

APERA INSTRUMENTS AI209 Value Series PH20 Waterproof pH Tester Kit, ±0.1 pH Accuracy

Or you can get a better one like this that will measure ph and tds

APERA INSTRUMENTS AI316 Premium Series PC60 5-in-1 Waterproof pH/EC (Conductivity) /TDS (ppm) /Salinity (ppt) /Temp. Multi-Parameter Pocket Tester Kit

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I have not decided on soil or nutrients as of yet. And am definitely open to newb friendly suggestions.

I saw on another grow, it was recommended to use Coco and Perlite soil mix, without nutrients at all. I was checking this out…

My advice if you use FF trio, do it at half the strength they say to and you probably will not have to ever flush…
You also do not need to buy there SledgeHammer flushing product, if you do ever need to flush you can use plain ph water…

If you follow their recommendation of feeding schedule then you will be flushing regularly as they want you to use as much as possible so you buy more from them…

I would look into jacks 321, or GH trio.
Or this new product called “real grower grow dots” if you will be growing auto flowers…
The grow dots are very new and seem to work pretty good…

You mix them into the soil or coco in the beginning and just add water thr entire grow…

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Absolutely do not mix coco with soil!

Some are going to disagree with me, but coco is hydroponics and soil is not…

Both take different growing techniques and when you mix the 2 its not hydroponics or soil and its hard to know what to do if things go wrong…

Use one or the other to make things easy…

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Coco is considered by many to be a better way to grow. Really only one disadvantage, the need to water daily with nutrients. If watering daily wouldn’t be a problem you should consider Coco. One advantage of Coco is it’s a inert media,so there’s no need to take runoff readings. What you put in is what your ph and TDS levels will be.

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So as a new grower just looking for a high rate of success and a good yield (The photo im looking at boasts 21-25oz per 3x3, but I am just hoping to get at least 10-12 to call it a success), what soil and nutrient combo would be the closest to a “sure thing”? (Accepting that there is no such thing as a “sure thing” here of course)

Quite frankly, I just want to “win” and will buy whatever you all suggest.

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You may get lucky and find one at pet store but i was unable to fo so last year when mine broke.

A good ph pen is adviced ($30 or more)

But a cheap tds will wotk just dont drop it into the water :rofl: cheap ones are not water proof but only cost $10-$15 on Amazon or ebay.

Tds is (total dissolved soilds) it is measured in PPM (parts per million) .
Its used to measure the tds/ppm in the water or nutrient solution we give our plants. It’s how we know how much dissolved minerals “aka nutrients” is in our water or in the case of runoff water, how much is in the soil/root zone…
We typically measure tds and ph of water going in and then the runoff water that comes out the bottom of the pot…

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I use Jack’s and coco. I can’t recommend Jack’s highly enough - especially for new growers. Same mix from seedling to harvest, no flushing required, and relatively inexpensive. I water and feed daily and expect the $40 kit to last 6-8 months. Kits can be had on EBay, where the sellers are dividing up 25 lb sacks into smaller portions. I think my kit was 7 lb total for $40-ish.

Coco is great for some, too much work for others. Plants grow better in coco than soil, but you need to water with nutrients every day (or lose enough). There’s nothing in the coco but what you add when you water, and plain water will flush that out. If you’re not comfortable mixing nutes and watering every day you need to stay away, or go with an automated watering system. You can add perlite to the coco if you want, but really isn’t necessary. One warning, though, do not (not not not!) add worm castings or other soil-y amendments to coco. Then it isn’t coco anymore. It isn’t really soil either. None of the guidelines for one or the other are going to be appropriate. Maybe later when you have more experience, but not now.

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Using Jack’s and coco and watering until good run-off I never measure TDS. I’ve got a pen, but never use it. There’s just no buildup in the medium to worry about.


I think I am really liking the idea of the Coco. I am searching amazon. Is there one in particular you would recommend?