First grow, first post


Oh no way! Ef that. Although I do try very hard to remember this little factoid when I encounter a spider in my house (or even outside for that matter) ;

What if that spider you just smashed all over your floor,

…thought you were its roommate all this time.

…You just killed your roommate… Sad face


Your girls look lovely! Spider, not so much, but ill bet he’s keeping all the pests away. :sunglasses:


Thanks @raustin after feeding heavily yesterday, almost like green explosive growth is happening again. I knew they were hungry, but I didn’t think they were that hungry.


Why so hard on Spider Bros? Spider Mites, sure, kill the feckers. Spider Bros, let them be!


@DVM if I can find the spider again, I assure you it’s alive and well. It’s in my tent still. Somewhere. Didn’t mean to mislead you.
Also, I would like to welcome you to ILGM. This is my journal, which you’ll see my successes and failures here. I look forward to your grow when you have one. Happy growing.


Oh, that giant spider is in the tent?! I don’t mind spiders outside, but not in my grow tent! He’s an ugly one too.


Lol I love spiders. They get rid of bugs. I hate bugs! I mean look at my avatar…:wink:


@Covertgrower No no, I didn’t feel any spider hate from you, however, certain other members need to take a good, hard look at themselves :wink:

My humble grow journal is available to the curious. Thanks for the welcome

@Tylan That’s Deadpool right?


@DVM wasn’t sure on the spider thing. Just checking. If you scroll up you’ll find 2 monster cropped Girl Scout Cookies dense and beautiful. Just though I would point out what your monster crop clones may end up looking like. Flowering starts FRIDAY!


Well crap it probably is now that you bring that up. I did a search for Spider-Man. Lol. It does look more like Deadpool. Time to go searching for a new avatar lmao.


Flowering today! They’ll only get bigger from here! @Screwauger @BIGE @dbrn32 @MattyBear @VelcroThumb


This is the exciting part woohoo @Covertgrower


They look they are all waiting patiently for you to take them out to the beach or someplace!! Nice looking crew for the Flower Parade…Great job so far @Covertgrower


like double or triple the size!! lol
looks good @Covertgrower


Awesome bro!


Time for the real fun to start! Gangs looking good!


Thanks @MattyBear @Countryboyjvd1971 @dbrn32 @BIGE @Screwauger
They all are larger than my first grow height wise. Except for the monster crop bushy ones in the back. First time with those, and those things have already started the stretch just after one 12/12 light period. Just want to say thanks to everyone on here, all who have assisted me in getting this far. This grow is far more rewarding and I have an idea what to expect. I couldn’t have been successful without ALL of you! @everyonewhofollowsthis


That’s why we’re all here bud! Glad to hear everything is going well. We have a tendency to expect a lot out ourselves and our adventures. So when those expectations are exceeded, it’s usually a damn good feeling!


@Screwauger @VelcroThumb @Countryboyjvd1971 @bob31 @WillyJ @dbrn32
18” is too close at FULL power. The temperatures didn’t help. I don’t want to tell you how hot it got. You can see there’s still some bleaching happening. Hopefully they recover if I keep the temps down. I turned the China fixtures off to maintain a lower temperatures until the fan gets here. The rapid led fixture has me spoiled. I don’t think I’ll go down that road again.


Oh dear, baby them is all you can do and I’ll keep my fingers crossed for ya!! @Covertgrower