First grow, first post


I figured as much, that’s why I pointed it out. There are some bigger drivers that would probably do four, but not sure what you’d get out of them. Probably some parallel options, but I don’t really like to do that, especially with a lot of current.


Ok bud. Max current on the 288’s is listed at 2800ma. If you want to stay constant current (I recommend you do) your options for drive current on the higher end is either 2100ma (110 Watts per board) or 2800ma (150 Watts per board)

They have an hlg 480h-c which looks like it will do four boards at 2100na. Or you can two hlg-240’s. If you want to go up to the 2800ma, then two hlg-320’s is what you’ll need.

The only in between I see is to go cv/cc with an hlg-120-54. Doing one driver per board at like 120ish Watts a piece. They’re like $40 something each, so probably in line price wise with your other options.


@dbrn32 I’m thinking this is the best option. Not a fan of parallel circuits for some reasons of what you have posted about failures. I follow along. I’ll put those in the carts. Arrow the best for the drivers?


arrow probably the cheapest. If you have time, I would go sign up for an account there now. That should put you on their mailing list, and you’ll get notified the next time they run any discounts.

Using the cv/cc driver at one per led not a really big deal. I’d rather someone did that than hook up four leds parallel on a single driver.


Heading there sometime today and getting that done. Glad you you suggested that. @dbrn32


So I heavily fed the girls tonight with anticipation of changing to 12/12. I think this Friday is the day. I just want to show off my monster cropped GSC clone which I swear is going to be one solid bud. Check out those pistols! Here are some close ups of that clone. @dbrn32 @Screwauger @BIGE @rodri59 @AmnesiaHaze @VelcroThumb @trizzle2011 @GrinKnight @GreenThunder


and the the large for Alaska wolf spider :spider: I’ll let him hang out.


EEEEKKKKKKK! Could have done without the :spider: @Covertgrower!

Just sayin lol. Plants look gorgeous!

WTF kinda spider is that anyway?


Plants look wonderful, the spid, not so much. We have lots of those here in flyover country :frowning:


Wolf spider. @rodri59 amongst diatomaceous earth remnants on the pot. Very helpful and doesn’t frighten me at all. (I have kids) lol


@rodri59 forgot to mention I did some adjustments in the tent for lighting. @dbrn32 I lowered the cobs, the plants really took off. As they stretch I may have to adjust and monitor stretch growth. Light penetration into the canopy is already much better the burple. Fewer fan leaves have died.



Train wreck transaction finally went through after a phone call. Maybe I’ll send cash next time for no hassle transaction. @Sirsmokes 5 beans will be on their way soon!! @anyoneelse (this is the third time calling on separate occasions, informing them of my out of the country shopping)


@Covertgrower yikes! thats my dream you have going on overthere mate. Looking great! I will take the time to go through the thread in order not to ask stupid questions that have clear answers lol. Thanks for the tag, I will be watching henceforth


The girls look happy to me and for the record, “I don’t like spiders and snakes.” He prob is keeping the pests at bay so hopefully he doesn’t get cut by the DE lol.

Nice update @Covertgrower and thanks. My only previous ILGM order with CC I had to call my card co to get the transaction approved, also.


Looking great! @Myfriendis410 has been having good luck holding stretch at bay by tapering light schedule. May be worth giving a shot?

The light spectrum you’re working with now has more naturally occurring wavelengths than the typical blurple light, so doesn’t really surprise me much.

Not sure if you’ve noticed anything yet, but they may feed a little heavier than previous grows too. So be on top checking moisture levels, and keep the calmag handy.


@dbrn32 actually I will agree already that they have been feeding heavily. I watered only twice, and when I did, there was a white widow that was very upset about it, and protested by showing signs of nitrogen deficiency already. That was the other reason I fed them a little heavy. I watered last time, and they literally started stalling. Lime green growth fast, then they kind of stopped. I’m overall beyond pleased with these lights. They lean a little red, but far less red than the blurple lights. The plants have stretched even less than they did with the other lights.

@Screwauger that spider is a very large spider for here. That’s why I let him live. In Mi, I’ve seen those things almost the size of my hand. Thanks for the kind words. I’m doing my best for a second grow. I have much better knowledge and can read the plants much more efficiently.


Great! Being on the ball with that kind of stuff will pay off in the end.

In terms of blue to red ratio every budget panel is going to be a little different. As a general statement it’s pretty fair to say that some of ratios are very similar in terms of blue to red wavelengths, most of them aren’t going to provide the amount of photons your lights are providing in those peak wavelengths or in the far reds. So whether you see a little more stretch or not, it should pay off in bud size, density, and you will probably finish a few days faster.


I had tried to order via credit card but being in a completely illegal state I ddint want to call and figured cash would be best way to go for me now that I have it figured out it will always be my method


Thats tbe baby spider too @rodri59 hahaha