First grow, first post


Thanks @Screwauger. I’m ashamed to even post it. The heat I think played the other half of the role in this. I think it will survive, but it may not be the same again. Honestly, this one was my troublesome girl. She was the only one that didn’t like the transplant either. Everyone else in the tent seemed displeased, but surviving.


I understand completely. I’ve had a few updates on both grows I would rather not have done but, live and learn is the only way. I already feel like I can read the plants needs better after growing five plants. Stuff happens in these micro climates at lightning speed so, take it in stride. Heck every pic I post I am a little embarrassed about the burnt leaves but that makes it a goal, I will have a plant without burnt tips I will have a plant without burnt tips (you just gotta click your heels together when you say it…)



On that note, cannabis can (mostly) survive 122°F @Screwauger. So there’s that.


dang @Covertgrower so sorry to see this!
we live and learn…


It’s alright @BIGE they’ll survive. I turned off the two lighting fixtures creating excess heat. Who said led is cooler than HID? Lol.


Ya, she’s a little pissed lol.


Hey bro, don’t sweat it. We’ve all done that or something similar! It’s all part of the game. Wait till you see what happens when you treat her right, lol. @Covertgrower


Thanks @bob31 I knew it was hot in there, but didn’t think it was that hot. Adding that fan I think will solve a lot of issues, and I’ll be golden after that. This is new grow space growing pains. When the tent was in the house, it was easier. Just dialing it back in.


I’d remove anything that’s crispy make way for new life she’ll bounce back…make sure she’s hydrated…it happens I think led is less forgiving when you get to close from what I see things happen fast… I hold my hand at canopy to feel if it’s to hot and then whatch and see if the light is affecting the plants and adjust from there…led may feel like less heat but the light will get you…at least that’s what I gather from what I’ve read… @Covertgrower


@WillyJ Do you think most of that won’t survive?
I could cut some of it, I watered it as soon as I saw how wilty she was and is the worst one. I’m hoping she does bounce back, if she doesn’t then I guess I’ll be doing some chopping. I have a lot of plants, and I have most of that strain. So if I could choose one to lose it would have been that one at least.


Wait a little while and see how she reacts but if it stays dry and crispy do a little trimming get anything dead off…I just seen the temp spike you had wow …definitely got to keep that from happening she will herm or I should say could herm


Thanks @WillyJ I appreciate your advice. Yeah it got a little hot in there. I have it under control now. I turned two light fixtures off until my stronger fan arrives. They really have enough light anyways. I’m going to cut a hole for a fresh air return, for during the day, then have it circulate only warm air during the night. Manually for now, until I get a damper system figured out.


Holy schamowlee @Covertgrower

Good you’ve got stuff coming and you were able to remedy by altering lights/intensity etc
My first grow being summer time I had to improvise and then add a can booster type intake fan near the floor. It cranks at 240cfm I think and then I had to upgrade my exhaust to a 440cfm that I run a little over half speed now. Still I was in the mid to high nineties a couple times but I think the high humidity in those summer months saved me real damage.

I agree with @WillyJ IF the leaves that look wilted are crispy as in fried I would hack them but if they are just wilted and supple, give them time and even (correct me if this is not correct folks) spray them a couple times a day with distilled or water of some type for a few days.


Thanks @Screwauger some of the leaves did look some what crispy, but the stem was mostly just wilted, and I really think most of it will come back. I’m just glad I didn’t have flowers on it yet. So there’s still time for recovery.
I wasn’t sure if you saw my post on fan suggestions, and which one I got ordered, but it should be enough, and it’s quiet. Fan suggestions
I purchased it for the efficiency, because you know fans usually run 24/7. I think around 30W .5 amps. I’ll take my existing fan, and push the air in through inlet. Which is made by the same manufacturer.
It’ll only get more complicated when I have to start the dehumidifier probably on the next grow as it will be summer then and that adds some heat.


Here’s my journal @Fl.growr my tent is a mess right now, but it’ll improve in a week. Feel free to start from the beginning. These are clones from the first grow.


@Covertgrower real sorry about that, here’s hoping they bounce back and quick too!

Unfortunately I do not have some expert advice, but the remedies the guys have proposed sounds logical to me. Good luck


@GrinKnight the first step was turning off the additional fixtures to stop creating more heat. I have a really nice fixture that barely produces any heat. So I’m utilizing only that fixture. I’ll purchase another just like it and selling the China fixture. I’m not expert either, but I feel like a common sense approach is the best way to go.
Before I turn them back on again, I’ll have a larger fan installed and I should be able to evacuate the heat at a better rate.
As for the plants, they are recovering, and aren’t damaged too bad. There is only one plant that will take longer to recover and is damaged the worst. It’ll be fine. I just started flowering, that’s why I turned the other lights on.
I’ll post pictures tomorrow.


Glad to hear they are recovering, will look out for the pictures. I am in West Africa and temps get ridiculously high, it was a no-brainer for me to get an air conditioner when setting up my grow room. The larger fan idea sounds great, as I have read repeatedly that yields are directly affected by how much light hits the girls.

I am about to start flowering 2 plants, just waiting on my HID lighting to arrive (I realized the initial lights I got locally were halogens and not HPS :man_facepalming:)


@GrinKnight I recall reading west Africa is where you’re located. I like how you improvised and used the “dirt out back”. HID lighting you’ll do great. Another option you look into is LEC, (not led) different bulb, same ballast, and you can use it from veg to flower. I’m just not sure if you have access to get one. Phillips is the most popular bulb manufacture. Hope you’re plants are doing well. Transplant those yet?


@Covertgrower thanks to amazon, I seem to have access to everything albeit at ridiculously high shipping costs. I will read up on the LED, even though my HPS and MH are already en route.

They are doing great! I will update my journal with pictures soon. I transplanted one of them yesterday and it has responded fantastically, I am well pleased to be honest. Only issue with transplanting the rest now is lighting. Currently using some CFL fixture and the distance between bulbs is not well spaced enough for bigger pots. I will transplant the rest soon as my MH arrives. Good thing is the plant was nowhere near root bound yet when I transplanted so I still have a bit of time