First grow ever RDWC

So it all started one day when I was in ace hardware and I heard this guy in the next isle over talking about growing something. I then noticed he was on my isle so I walked up to him and said ( so what are u growing) he said it was a couple plants as we started talking I informed him I was doing my first grow also. As we talked I showed him some pics of my project. He then asked me if I had plants yet I told him I was still trying to find a supplier for clones he then said to me well you just found your guy he said I grow clones. Omg no way I then found out he lived less than a mile from me. We exchanged info and about a week later I had my first plants. 2 gorilla glue and 2 French toast and the the start of my journey some photos of the day I got them and my grow room


My first issue was the plants were in soil. So I thought why not just wash all of the soil out of the roots. That was a chore wasn’t sure if it would work.


About a week in and I had roots


Everything was going good then I got nute burn and some deficiencies but some of the people here here helped me figure it out


My next issue I thought I was done.I had posted some pics and asked for help once again. But this time I wasn’t so optimistic about them surviving. I was givin a couple options from the people on here. One was not an option though I was told to burn it down and start over. I couldn’t accept that so I did some more research and found a remedy that sounded like it wouldn’t hurt to try. So I got my pump sprayer about a half cup of hydrogen peroxide a couple drops of dawn dish soap and a gallon of water I sprayed them one by one soaking them until the solution was running off tops and underneath stem stalk and all. I waited 3 days. I used my jewelers magnifier to check them I found a couple Newley hatched babies moving around. I mixed up a batch of captain jacks dead bug and did the whole soaking thing again. 3 days later they were all dead I never felt so glad I got them mother fxxxers.


Great job so far. Looking good.

Nice that you didnt give up. And Awesome that you figured it out and learned along the way.

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Keep applying the Captain Jack’s every 5 days. Make sure you get the undersides of the leaves up against the stem.

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So after the spider mite thing things got a little easier for a while and then. I flipped to flower and waited for the first signs that they were going to start budding

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After they started showing signs of budding every Time I open the door the next day when lights came on it was just an amazing sight to watch the birds grow from nothing into what they are now


So here is my newest issue 3 1/2 weeks into flower and I got this going on



What are feeding and how much? Have you calibrated your PH meter lately?

Feeding GH DUO adding cal mag and Kool Bloom RO water PH to 6.2 blue lab combo meter just calibrated. I changed out my whole system with the new GH nutes was using GH 3 part but switched to the Duo 3 days ago

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Did you drain your buckets before adding the other nutes?

Seems like even if you didn’t, being all GH products, I would think they get along but maybe not.

Did you spray your plant when light was on? Or were they wet when the light came on?

@Myfriendis410 @peachfuzz could this be a reaction to the change of nutes??

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Have you checked for mites again lately…?


Yes check for my mites none


Did I spray what when

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Did you spray while or just before the lights came on?

Did I spray what I don’t spray anything on them

Not sure what you meant. I do know your not supposed to get leaves wet while lights are on. Hope that helps. :v::+1:t2::sunglasses:

You asked me if I sprayed before or after the lights came on I said Sprayed what I didn’t spray anything sorry we got miscommunication