First Grow &All Help Appreciated


Sitting on 120 acres and surround by national forest and I wouldn’t have it any other way


See, I don’t even want the ‘medical’ BS. You want to get on a gub’mint list? 'Cause that’s how you get on a gub’mint list! :rofl:


I just laugh when poor people blame rich people for being poor.

That’s like saying my too car is slow because yours is too fast :slight_smile:


I only have an acre and a half. But my closest neighbors have hooves.


Exactly. I got out of the service and just so happened to go to the ole VA. Guess what they did? I’ll give you a hint, I got about 4 bottles of pills in the mail every month (and not even the good pills :wink::joy:) anyway. Quit going to my shrink and quit taking their damn pills. Quit going to my appointments actually. They gave me happy pills and I quit taking them and I’ve never been happier in life than I am right now. "What you do today you will have to sleep with tonight " also my personal favorite the VA “pissed down my back and told me it was raining”


Ever seen a 200ct bottle of oxy-hydro-perco-whatever? with 3 refills?

I am on Nexium and a multivitamin now :wink:

And I stay high if I’m awake.


Later, old dude needs sleep :slight_smile:


Hey man take care! And no I haven’t seen that’s you bring that to the hills of Arkansas and shake that pill bottle and you’ll have women all over you! Can’t promise they’re good looking or even have all their teeth but the ole opioid pill bottle shake is the mating call round the parts! Little hillbilly heroin lol


@Whodat66 @DoobieNoobie @stretchgfw.1957 @BIGE check out the garden this chilly Saturday morning. The gnats are finally gone so I can finally feed the plants (doing h202 flushes until they were gone) they look good though for not being fed in roughly 1 1/2 weeks. My little one is kind of bent, I’m guessing it’s from bending looking for light so I moved it and centered it the best I could.


You can move the loose stuff on top around and lightly prop it up. Some times with a CFL or LED’s you can’t really tell where that sweet spot is.



couldn’t get many pictures because my phone was about to die but they’re coming along nicely. Hoping to harvest in about 4 weeks


@raustin @BIGE @Whodat66 @DoobieNoobie so quick question. To make a long story short there’s a chance that there’s some police coming to visit me today. I’ve learned a hard lesson on trusting people (such as a spouse). I moved them out of the house and hid them. Got ride of everything. I put them out on some land but its low 50s and drizzling today. How do you think this will affect the plants? It’s overcast too. They’re on their 5th week of flower

Edit: I will move them in before dark if I don’t get a visit lol the person said they were I don’t think they will but hey I thought I knew them too


They should be ok. 50s isn’t too cold for them.


@@raustin I just worry with it being overcast they won’t get adequate light they’re use to and with the rain bud rot


How long will they be out there?


About 8 hours


Don’t worry about it, they’ll be fine for 8 hours. A little rain might do them some good.


50’s are fine man. Rain is good also.Bud rot doesn’t happen overnight. i tell nobody except my son about anything. Trust is an important factor. Some times talking, bragging, etc. Gives people more information than they need to know. Lesson learned, i hope. Good luck with your visit…if it even happens. Head games suck man. Its legal here in MA.


Good luck. Hope it all turns out okay.


I’m with stretch, my wife is the only that knows I’m growing. No one else will. I don’t care who knows I smoke but growing is different. Loose lips sink ships. I hope all is well. And for the future I’d tell everyone that knows they died when you hid them. That’ll save you any future headaches.