Fast-grow autos and photos

More snow, my view for tonight after work.


You can keep that stuff with you. I’m trying to do spring!!!

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Unfortunately I am 95% sure that my Omega genetics photo regular seed is a boy. The network is not letting me upload pictures, so I guess I will have to try later today. I also have some of @repins12 regular photo seeds going. Hopefully a few of these sex out female for my outdoor setup.
I finally have my new light build put together, two boards and a meanwell driver and a homemade frame. Much better than the Amazon cheapies I was running in there before. I hope everyone is well, and keeping it green. Pictures to follow this afternoon pending my network connection.:sunglasses::seedling::+1:


Regular seeds from sniper.

Omega genetics Aqua Widow Blues, pretty sure it’s a male.

Jet fuel clones under new light.

New light I just finished assembling.
There’s some of my pictures and what’s going on. Hope everybody is having a great weekend.