Experience with Mykos and Azos in FFOF

I read on one of the threads here, I believe it was a grow journal of @yoshi… That Mykos and Azos were good products. Was hoping for responses if anyone has used it, when to use it, when not use it. My soil grow is FFOF and was thinking of buying it, using some when I transplant to final pot for plant

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I have used Mykos and the mycorrhizal inoculants in Mykos sure seemed to make my roots spread out and make the nutrients be absorbed better.

The notion of nitrogen fixing bacteria (like Azos) makes a lot of sense and would likely be a benefit for vegging. I have not used that.


I use both azos and mykos myself and love both products . All I do is follow the directions on the pack but you can go on youtube and watch how to and comparison videos on many different products that do basically the same thing IE. Mammoth P and a few others that was what helped me figure out which one fit my needs the best . But for me I treated my soil with both before I even germinated my seeds then re treated at every transplant also took a teaspoon of azos and just sprinkle the roots directly at that time .


@TxGrowman, thx for your input, I have read a lot if good things about these products. My overall concern was making soil too " hot" due to fact I have FFOF soil.

@Oldstoner, appreciate the feedback! I wasn’t sure if you can use these items w/ seedlings, seems like they worked out fine for you!

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Yeah @Zombo they did I forgot to mention that I use FFOF to grow in also . From what I understand the Mykos is a live microbes and the azos attaches to the root and helps the microbes feed the plant the nutrients you add but dont actually make the soil hotter but they do make nutrients more readily available so it can seem to increase them . The guy’s to ask would be @garrigan62 @MacGyverStoner in case I am mistaken. Here is a couple of pics of the grow in question at transplant and current

the pic of the root ball was in a 4 gallon pot and was getting root bound and had to be put in 7 gallon smart pot . I have ordered more of both and they are going to remain a part of the regular routine . Good luck


@Oldstoner, those plants look really healthy, thx for giving me some info, I’m gonna buy some to add to my grow

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I agree with you @Oldstoner. Did you maintain your normal nute schedule?

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Yes I did but my feeding schedule is a bit erratic compared to most people’s. And I had to switch back to Fox Farm Trio due to deficiencies

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Have have only just started to use mykos myself but it seems to work good put it seeding soil when I placed seed in cup and also in pots when I transferred to 5gal
IMO it’s worth the cost

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@Countryboyjvd1971, thx for your response… Seems like whoever has used is def impressed with product… Gonna get some for my grow

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No problem @Zombo yeah I figured it couldn’t hurt I saw a bunch of videos where the guys had monster plants and they used it so I figured why not try it too hahahaha
I think you’ll be happy with it
I’ll use it again for sure see no down side at this point


I’ve been using it for years I would not plant :seedling: anything without it I love it


@Hogmaster, @Countryboyjvd1971, that is good root growth there…the more I read about Mykos and Azos it seems like a no brainer…Had my question answered as I was wanting to add it at early stage of growth, then some more when transplanting . It seems this would be done for seedlings, pls correct me if I’m wrong

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You are correct brother I put a little under my seed all good then I put in soil when I transplanted them they had little to no stress :sunglasses: and took well to the 5gal pots

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Yeah I sprinkle them in the paper towel with the seeds within 24 to 36 hours per popped and ready to go then I put a little bit more of the mikros in when I put the seed in the dirt and then my transplant put morion water down transplant I wish I still had the picture of the 15 gallon smart pots I had you should have seen the roots on it

@Hogmaster, do you use the Mykos wp which I think is powder form? Not sure which to purchase? I’m only gonna do 2 plants, should I get a pound of Mykos and how much Azos would you suggest ?

Never used azos before I just use this

I’ve grown 10 plants with this small one from amazon and still over 1/2 full more is not always better


I use the same one @Hogmaster and your right more is not better just follow directions @Zombo
I’ve just started to use it but I agree with the hog lol

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@Countryboyjvd1971, @Hogmaster… Thanks for the help!