Exact Grow Weeks


A customer has a question and I hope we can get some opinions on it, thanks

“I’m a new grower and growing northern lights fem hydroponically. I bought the three part advanced nutrients and wondering about the exact grow weeks and bloom weeks of this strain so I can give the right amount of nutrients.”


Flowering is generally 60 days average. The length of veg is how long you decide on a female photoperiod. Most need about the same veg length of 60 days, but totally up to the grower.


This was my question I sent in. Any advice would help.


Read their directions on how to use their product line. Don’t use the bloom nutrients until late you are in the flower stage. I wpuld start the plants off on about 1/4 to 1/2 strength to Guage on how well the plants react to them.


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I agree with @Hawkeye_diesel start off with a lower dose than what they recommend and work your way up as they get older. If there wasn’t a feeding schedule included I would head over to there website.


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Welcome to the group. Lots of great advice here. My indoor Stealth box does nothing but autos
Just started a new WWAuto. Last one netted 1.5 oz dry. Got great help from reading all the stuff in here. ILGM is the bomb. AMS has a great selection. Robert is the bomb growers guru. Have fun! :sunglasses:


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Stealthy grows I will show as soon as I have something to show. Latest is 2 weeks above ground. My 2x2 foot grow box is perfect for 1. Tried to upload a pic. Says it is too big. I will try again later.:sunglasses:


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Here is my newest baby girl. ILGM WWAuto.


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Can I use tap water to fill the hydroponic water?


Not s good idea. Chlorine, flouride, who knows what else is there. Ask the hydro guys. Tap water never wets my ladies. Rain water, RO water, PH’ed to 6.5. :sunglasses:


Tap water yes, I always leave mine out to set for a full 24 hours. Then I just ph my watwr and get it ready for the ladies


Yes, you can use tap water. Be sure to let it sit a day or 2 first to get the chlorine out. I have 3 one gallon milk jugs I keep filled and let sit without the cap. When ready, add your nutes first and then pH the water to 5.8. Always pH the water after adding your nutes because the nutes will change the pH of the water. So if your tap water is 7.5 to start, it might be 5.5 after adding your nutes. In that case, you would use pH Up to bring your pH up to 5.8.


I use tap water to fill the res after letting it sit out, but saw a thread somewhere on here where they compared the tricombs to a grow done with tap vs ro water n the ro plants where waayy more covered. So I top of the res with distilled water, so I kinda use like 60/40 tap n distilled. I think ro water n distilled are the same thing basically… But don’t quote me of that. If someone wants to weight in n lmk I’ll gladly here the advice.