Easter Babies/Big Bud & Family 1st Grow


It could be a nutrient burn. If you are using fox farm ocean forest soil it has a lot of nutes in it already. You shouldn’t have to use any nutrients for at least two months except for calmag. I’m using the same soil now. I didn’t start using nutrients until flowering but I did have a cal mag issue in that time. My auto grow I haven’t used any nutes except calmag and they are I think almost two months old and doing good. They are in ffof soil also.


That’s what I thought too cause they looked fine without it but people kept telling me to use grow or whatever is recommended for veg stage. I’m not using anything again until flowering stage, and I’m little gun shy now for sure. What do I do for my girl? Hope my other plants will be ok :cry:


Just use pH water for now you should be fine. Those leaves won’t look any better but long as your new growth is good I wouldn’t worry but still wait to see those expert’s opinion. Good luck😉


Thanks for all your help, that’s what I’ll do and maybe someone will reply tomorrow. Have great day!


If your using ffof soil you should not be giving any nutrients for about a month and a half to 2 months…
The only thing that I would recommend would be (orca) which is just beneficial organisms to help with getting a good and healthy root structure… :wink:

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Thank you, hopefully the other girls will be ok :sneezing_face:


I’m a boob! Almost auto corrected to boob… but the soil looks very very wet for one but plants top growth looks fine, don’t worry about the bottom lesves so much, I know it’s difficult at the start, focus on top growth. Id probably pick them off and just let top growth have all the energy. Sup to you, but as a rule of thumb if nee growth looks bad then be far more worried than a couple baby bottom leaves.


Ha! Actually did auto correct it even after I changed it… my luck


Oh… Dude I’m sorry if you used grow because of me! I did too early and I got super bad nute burn. When they get big, or fairly big start with 1/4 of the dose or even less. Im still only using 6ml for instead of the recommended 15ml to be safe.


@bonnie1…I agree if your soil already has nutrients in it then stop giving your plant more; also don’t spray your plant with water that has nutrients in it…good way to burn the leaves. Having said all that your plant doesn’t look bad at all…just water it …


I just watered it before the pic because it was dry. I only gave nutes cause people were telling me to. I’m not giving any more until flowering stage. Even then, I’m worried about it. My girls were looking fine before this and I gave very little. Good to know about misting with nutes, I think that’s what happened to the leaves. Thanks for replying, I value your advice. :flushed:


It’s alright I hope. But didn’t overwater. Just watered plant before pic cause it was dry. I’m not using nutes until flowering stage and scared of it. Phew!! This was a lesson for me. My girls are doing fine without nutes. Why are people telling me to use them and then saying not to for the first 2 months? Oh well, don’t worry McLovin, it wasn’t you and I didn’t use grow. I’m going to sit back now and enjoy the veg stage. Getting another LED light and setting up tent properly for summer. I’ll keep watching your grow McLovin, I need to know everything! :stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes:


I’m not sure… always ask several opinions I guess. I’ve posted about 30 questions, most of which was common sense really. Your girls will tell you what they want


I’m good for now and appreciate all the advice I get. Getting ready for my grow journey and beautiful buds!! :thinking:


@bonnie1 all of your lower leaves I have touched the dirt where the nutrients are they will endup falling off anyhow and the one fan leave that has that color to it I believe it is splash from your nutrients because the rest of the plant looks perfect I would not let it worry you unless it goes to your other perfect green leaves from what I can see whenever you go to water them you may have gotten some splash on that fan leave and then the bottom leaves whenever the soil rises when you water it and goes back down and also affected them I think you should be 100% fine looks outstanding keep up the good work


Thanks so much for that :grin:. I’m not using nutes again with ffof. Just now learning don’t need nutes with this soil. But I really didn’t use much, as I was uncertain that my girls needed any at all. All is good and hopefully I won’t have any problems during the next 2 months, but probably will!! Thanks again .


I use nutes with Ffof once they are growing well. For me the indicator for when to start is when the first set of true leaves start to show signs of hunger (yellowing, getting thin and silky). Hungry plants show signs from the bottom up.

If you give nutes to a plant that is in drier soil they suck it up faster and get a nute rush (cool to watch in a more mature plant). This is a good technique but in a plant with only two or four leaves it can burn that layer. If the new growth looks ok that’s probably what it was.

Your plants look great and you are getting good advice. I would not worry too much.


Thanks for that. I’m not worried any longer. I’m getting good advice and respect/value all the help from everyone. I’m sure I’ll continue to need this support. Thanks again! :hugs:


@bonnie1 The Ffof does have some nutrients in it already at the stage where your plant is is when I usually use big grow by fox farm they have a great trio on Amazon usually whenever you know they’re big and healthy usually after the first month month and a half that’s when I start using nutrients but like you said with that soil I have also grown with zero nutrients and just pH my water and had a very successful grow so either way you go you should be good you will just have a higher yield if you use nutrients I always start quarter power work my way up to full power week by week I increase the dosage if you need anything please tag me in the soil is what has making your lower leaves look like they do your family for me if possibly even got in the dirt and can do the same thing happy growing


Hey Hogmaster, thanks. No worries now, I understand and I’ll get the trio but won’t use big grow on smaller girls. In fact, I’m waiting for awhile, let the girls grow in veg. But I want the higher yield, so I’ll start the nutes again when I’m comfortable or especially if they show signs of nute starvation. All is good and thanks for your expert opinion, sorry if gave impression otherwise. I’m very happy with this site and everyone growing and working together…:grin::herb::seedling: