Easter Babies/Big Bud & Family 1st Grow


I don’t take anything the wrong way I’m just trying to help and just so you know you won’t be able to tell if they need nutrients because they grow so well in that soil when You get to the size we are comfortable start quarter power you will be shocked how much bigger they get and how much faster they grow Have fun you’ve got it under control happy growing


Thanks and I will do that!! I want them to grow big, fat & beautiful!!


@MAXHeadRoom @McLovin777 @Hogmaster @Wishingilivedina420state @Jmesser80 Here’s a pic of my girls that I fimmed. Hope I did it right, they are really taking off now!! Tell me what you think, hope pic comes out ok.


@Countryboyjvd1971 @peachfuzz @Stomper Just few pics of my bigger girls, I fimmed the first pic, Big Bud 2 wks ago, germinated 4/23, popped wk later, amnesia haze fimmed germinated 4/16 and chocolade 4/16. Only fimmed 2 girls but you can see how much bigger they are. Big Bud is just bigger. Let me know what you think. Going to start big grow, idn when, but soon and slow, thanks in advance for any and all your help! :grin:


They look good, like I said I suck at fimming I just top 1 time lst to keep her flat and let her branch out not up .
My last harvest was just Reggie but my girl was about 27in by 28in and got 3 and a 1/2 oz, @ 2 ft tall from top of dirt.
I’m trying to do more this time :alien:


You will know pretty soon if you got it right.
Next time of you have a few plants to fim. Do them on different days, that way you have time to see what is happening.
If you fim 3-4 plants over a weekish by the start of the next week you should see results.


Looking great!!
Nice tight node spacing. Off to a great start.


Wow, sounds like plant really grew and produced was it any good? I hope mine grow like that. I like fimming opposed to topping, for me it’s easier and less shock for plant. I’m going to fimm one more but 2 are too small. Just need to take my time and take plant out of tent and use magnifying glass. I’ll do it like you said, maybe I’ll fimm Big Bud one more time also but on different days. I wishedilivedina420statetoo!! Also skipped out to hydro store and got grow big and another clip fan and picked up the pamphlet that shows nutes schedule. Have to start with big bloom and big grow combo, wish me luck!! Great chatting :grimacing:


She’s a beautiful girl can’t wait to see her flower


Thanks, means a lot. Is that a pic of you in a band? I use to sing in bands back when I was young and adventurous, even made a recording. I feel more confident now about my plants, and that I might be finally understanding things now, thanks to all of you guys/girls!! :grimacing:


Thanks Hogmaster!! That means a lot to me. I’m feeling much better about my girls and very hopeful of producing some great buds! Picked up grow and big bloom and got pamphlet on nute schedule that was sent on link, but can read better now. Going to follow schedule for 3 wks, think it was 6 tsp big bloom and 3 tsp of grow in gallon, mix, then test ph. I’ll start this weekend. Thanks so much for everything!!! I’m very excited every day now because of ILGM and now my plants! Like I said before, couldn’t have done it alone :seedling::herb:


@bonnie1…they look great!


Very healthy looking. I don’t see any reason not to start your feeding schedule. They will grow like teenagers now.


Yeah it was pretty good for reggie but it didn’t last me any time . Hopefully this grow will last longer :pray:


@Kapelady @Stomper thanks so much for your opinions and advice, really means a lot to me. I need you guys! This weekend I’m going to nute the 3 big girls. Two are too small yet and one was the one damaged by nute I misted leaves but need to wait for that one to revive and get bigger, it has a lot of new growth, just needs to look stronger. Thanks again, I’m a happy grower :grimacing:


I hope mine lasts cause I really need it and haven’t had anything for a month now, wthell that’s just not right!! But it’s doable for me, just want my own. :herb::seedling:


I hear yeah that’s why I grow just for me and my wife, I only smoke with one of my friend’s once or twice a month of that. But my wife doesn’t smoke much she likes eatabulls. I don’t think I spelled that right



Who cares if you spelled it right but tell me were you in the clouds when you were trying to spell it. Lol


@Onlythebest79 who knows rador can’t even find me. :alien: