Do I love it? Let's find out!


Dude that f-ing bud is huge!!! Man hopefully next time I can get more out of her,I need to step it up,apparently :upside_down_face:
Thanks @Zombo yeah I’ve been thinking th there’s got to be a better way!


I just harvested my last crop. Still cleaning and jarring it up.


Looks tasty! I’ll take a bowl of that🤑



Not as good as a microscope but decent enough IMO. I used the little flip down single eye magnifier to see the trichomes with. My eyesight sucks, but that is a good little $10 solution that works a heck of a lot better than those garbage phone clip-on magnifiers.


Thank you sir @bob31 , yeah the scope isn’t anywhere close to being helpful in the’s fine for looking at the recently copped bud. But with the leds, fans and old knees I need something that don’t require hands!


I put my scope camera on a tripod and i just shutdown everything but the white lights. @Nug-bug Did you see it on my grow?


Yes fantastic pics


@Nug-bug I use this it works great its got an led light I can look at the buds on the plant…my other one you can’t unless you got a super steady hand and you got your eye rite on it lol… its cheap also only like 10-12$ made by growbrite


Yes that would be better than mine that you put to your eye. Nice thanks


I have this one too! works great


I have one of them. The small side for me seems usless, I can never get anything in focus. The big side is good enough for my needs. Got mine of eBay.


I have a Printers Loop … (40 years as a Pressman) that should work and has a good glass lens instead of some of the plastic ones out there. But, me being me, I will probably look for a better tool for this purpose.


I have an 800x but it only works plugged into a laptop or pic. Hard to lug a laptop around a Grow room.


I have that one. Good to look through your phone’s camera. :sunglasses:


Man I went and clipped two small buds day before yesterday. Well this am it was naturally still wet so I popped it into the microwave 5-10 sec. Burst,rolled a j and me and the son smoked on the way to work.
All we got was a slight change of head :pensive:
I was hoping for something a lil more :fire:

So I come to the wise ones to ask,does nuking the buds kill the thc? Granted the trics aren’t cloudy 100% can’t really tell to be honest. But all pistols are orange and sun will be 8 weeks since flip,so I figured I’d get something?
Any thoughts??? @kabongster @bob31 @Countryboyjvd1971 @BIGE @M4ur


if i have to force dry i use a hot pad[heating pad] some wax covered paper plates and a alum pie plate…works well drys in a few hours dependon how much and how big buds are…
set heat pad on carpet floor,put buds on a paper plate cover with another PP,then offset the pie pan a few inches to catch moisture…check often,wipe moisture out of pan each time you pick it up…work good but nothing beats curing the right way!!


Thanks @Bige I was wondering why it didn’t have any potency


idk,the microwave does weird stuff to weed…lol


OMG, then I am in trouble if the microwave is decreasing the potency of my WW Auto. Picked off a decent size bud the other day that never really going to be more than what she was. put her on a paper towel in a Tupperware container, covered container with a wetted and well wrung out paper towel, nuked on 4 for 2 minutes, took it out, turned paper towel it was sitting on over, rewet and wrung out paper towel over the top put the lid back on but not sealed and again nuke for 2 minutes on 4 power level, repeat steps one more time. That stuff is kicking my butt for sure!


Definitely is not good to dry your stuff in microwave but is not so bad, I dry my testing product that way :joy:
You need to dry it 1-2 days before.