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I see others have dried using the microwave, I haven’t…I almost always wait a week or so for the stuff to dry…I have used my table top vaporizer with it’s fan and the heat turned as low as it will go maybe 2 times to dry a small taste.


So @Majiktoker so when my seedlings are ready for transplant into promix I need to keep my pH down sence it’s a soiless? Sorry I just don’t want to start having issues as soon as I transplant


@WillyJ get with me before buying anything Roth the Ac situation
I’ll help you size it and make sure you don’t ware your $ bro
Remember that’s my thing hahaha
Do hit me up when ready bro


I believe it does change the taste and effect imo
Will be like decarbing I believe bro


Me personally I used the microwave alot when I used to hustle that damn compressed shit. Microwave does do some weird things to weed


Thanks @Countryboyjvd1971 I definitely will… I’ve been looking at ductless air conditioners … big enough to do the 2 rooms plus one bedroom on first floor…figured I’d do the bedroom the unit will be outside the window so I’d pipe it in there also that’s our bedroom at the moment… I’m in the process of building a master bedroom with bath in the attic…just need to do the drywall and finish work all electrical and plumbing done…I got a 12,000 btu unit going in the a wall up there so I don’t take up window space…kinda wish I didn’t buy this 12,000 but to late to return now…would have just added another room to the ductless air system…


OK guys thanks for the info,maybe the micro killed what buzz I should have gotten, hope so :disappointed_relieved:


Or is not strong enough for now… Don’t be disappointed for now, remember, you can try it again and again and again and again :joy:


@Nug-bug the microwave at low power with damp paper towels done in stages will work…not the best but for a small sample I’ve done it…8 weeks on the sd is a little early being sativa dominate be patient I harvested my last sd at around 9 weeks and it’s great but I think if I waited 1-2 more weeks look out lol… my buddy tells me they could go 10-12 weeks easy and he’s been growing 20yrs and grows top quality so I do trust what he has to say so I wouldn’t get disappointed in that trial taste…


Thanks for that @WillyJ , I will get a good scope on her tomorrow morning and see. I saw all the hairs turned and got over zealous. Probably all clear still :joy:
That’s right @m4ur 🖒👌


as long as you dry it and not “cook” it… I prefer to just wait till it is dried and cured. So much better that way… but if you’re out of bud, consider perpetual growing… always having a plant in one stage or another in the tent so your next harvest is only a couple weeks to a month away!


I’m waiting this time of course because now I have bud from my first harvest but that wasn’t the case on the first I had to sample each plant lol and did micro but if I can wait a couple days I’ll hang the bud above a light in veg room…it’s alot better than microwave but still not as good as taking the time…and I’m going for every time the fower room is finished I have some ready in veg to replace them…I dropped 2 gold leaf 2 purple haze 2 super silver haze and 2 sour diesel last night…a couple look like they’re getting ready to split…a sd and a ssh…that run is all ilgm genetics :+1: @Countryboyjvd1971 @Nug-bug @bob31


that warms my heart @WillyJ exactly. I don’t have enough room for all of that exactly, But thats exactly the way to do it!


Yeah Ime not out,just curious as to what kinda woman my girl has turned out to be.
And I realized that I tried to dry it on full power! So I guess it’s like I always say, YOU GOT TO BE SMARTER THAN THE SHIT YOUR WORKING WITH :joy:
Thanks for your time fellas, @Willyj @Countryboyjvd1971 @bob31


:palm_tree::+1::v::grinning: :us:

Sounds like your girl blowed up in the nuke box? Hahaha @Nug-bug


Today is 8 weeks @Nug-bug it’s after midnight so I can say that lol but I was just checking my trichomes and they’re clear to milky no amber maybe a couple but that may be wishful thinking…plenty of milky though I bet yours are about the same…the critical cheese I pulled and put outside also at 8 weeks is showing some amber on the sugar leaves but not directly on bud yet… I’m hoping the cheese will finish up… I haven’t seen anymore nannas but I’ll feel better when they’re chopped :crossed_fingers:


10-4 , mine was clear and cloudy as well, but I discovered that either I wind burnt her or nute burn her. A couple leave was toasted,crispy. So idk maybe she’ll make it to harvest.
Thank @WillyJ


How close are your lights @Nug-bug ? Try raising them a little…even if heat isn’t a problem too intense light can cause problems


I was thinking about taking 1 of the 300 out leaving 2,and I’ll hang em at 18-20 . Got all 3 at 16 now


Don’t know if you can see but

Nother 1

Any thoughts?