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@MindlessCorpse this is my journal :sunglasses:


Thanks. I will read after work.


so, I see you were facing the same dilemma as I am right now…
after reading entire Journal it looks like we are both thinking similar in most things but you may be a bit ahead of me on the added nutes and such. I have heard of most of the things you mention as using or planning to use and have thought about them also but they are not in my inventory atm. Most will probably be added with future grows.
The thing on moving and adding lights, for cheap if you have a smartphone you could try an app called “Light-o-Meter” it is a free app and depends on how accurate the light sensor on your phone is. I did purchase a light meter and the numbers on it are near identical to the Light-o-Meter app on my samsung note 5. Just start the app and move your phone over and around the plant tops. Look for hot spots or weak areas and move your lights around to try to get the numbers as even as you can.
Sucked to read about the 4,000 fine. But now with our new US Attorney general jeff sessions I wonder if we all are in for that rude early morning pounding on the door.
Good Luck in your grow, I will look in from time to time to see what other new nuggets of grow tips I can learn


6 weeks from switch

She’s still chugging along

She’s smelling sooooo good,and sticky😀

If you can see,I must have got a lil rich on her last feed for the tips are white on sugar leaves, my feed schedule probably led to this. I feed one day,ff trio then the next water is when I put my mammoth p. When I received my boosters it was mid week so I put 1/4 tsp of beastie bloom in with 2ml m.p. so I could go ahead and give her a dose. Well yesterday feed was ff trio + bb booster. And this am white tips. No biggie cause now will only boost when feeding.
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steamrolling along, they already look potent!


I’m whit @kabongster… I see sugar :heart_eyes:


Thanks guys! Yeah she’s making daddy happy,if I can get 3-4 oz, I’ll be extatic :smiley:
@kabongster @M4ur


Remind me… One or two plants… I’m in all new/old threads :joy: so I lost the track of yours :hushed:


Just 1 sir


Wow reaction on this… I hope you get that amount of buds… I only hope to get 2oz from my ak47 auto :laughing: or a little more (on my first grow I harvest 36g +3-4g test buds and now I want at least double of that amount but I grow a autoflowering strain)


They look tasty. Two zs is respectable for indoor soil grows. Above that is bonus. They will still swell up a bit and pull back all those hairs before they are ready so two or three weeks is my guess.


Great job brother looks delicious :yum: can’t wait to see them finish up Woohoo :v:️ CB


Dude, that is awesome. Proud of ya!


no worries @Nug-bug, sounds like you are on top of it…lol
looking good with FF trio!!! awesome buds!


You really have your schitt together @Nug-bug, looking mighty fine …


Nah just blessed,I feed water and forget her.


I went out and scoped the girl,and I saw clear cloudy and amber?
@bob31 when you get the chance could you please link me the fold down microscope head gear that you spoke of the other day?
I need a better way to check them. The lil one I have is so aggravating to get a look. Get everything lined up and focus your eye then I twitch and it’s gone,WTF?? REALLY??
So I am gonna feed week 12 and then let her ride a week or so
Glad to see you back @WillyJ
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Willy j what’s your SD looking like?

Lots of the “hairs” have turnt orange few white on top tho sooooo I know that she’s got a lil time left. This morning I gave what I think will be her last feeding. 3ts bb 1ts tb and 1/4ts cha ching.

I think my Temps have sped her up a lil,the day time Temps hover at 72-75,max 77. And night Temps are 66-64low , humidity swings from 40 to 58 but have 3 clip on ,and a 12in floor fan, so plenty of airflow!
And with that I pass!


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Those buds are looking awesome @Nug-bug… I also do not like my trichome loupe… My eyes suck anymore and it’s hard to see the little trichome heads


Yours is looking great! @Nug-bug I ran into a heat problem last week as it was hot and very humid… the dehumidifier running constantly makes it to hot hit 91 so looking into a/c for the future…and I ran out of calibration fluid so I messed up my ph it got down to 5.8 but is back up now… here’s a pic of a bud ots a couple days old…I’ll get some more later today…