DIY with bridgelux eb strips


Yes. I had it cut. Will a 12x12 with the 10 strips take care of my 32"x32"? If so I’ll just follow your lead. I have just about memorized this thread.


32" x 32" is probably a little bigger than you’d want to do with that light.


Do you have a 32x32" tent or a 3x3’?




If you’re ok with not having dimming, do meanwell lpc-100-700 with 7 560mm bridgelux eb gen 2 strips in 3500k.

That’s a pretty budget minded build and will go good on your 12x24" plate. Two of those would blow a tent that size up.


Im sorry I really tried to figure all this out to keep from bugging you but no experience and I cant afford a pricey screw up.


Welder by trade but nothing electrical.


That’s alright, this is about the same as replacing cord on vacuum cleaner.


Okay if you say so. Lol.


Picture it as mig welding lol.


OMG!!! I am soooo🤯. I have been waiting for this post anxiously I dont know how I missed it!!! Thank you. I am ordering here in a couple minutes. Thanks again. I’ll show my progress when I get started for check of approval and a go ahead!!!


Cool! Did you locate other items you’ll need to complete build?


Yes all I’m waiting on is driver and strips.


Thanks for pointing out what exactly I needed!! :star_struck::star_struck:


No problem! You have thermal transfer tape, power cord, connectors?


Yes @dbrn32 I have rounded everything up that’s on your list for the 12x12. All I need to start is driver and strips. Now they dont have the bridgelux strips. He has Samsung strips 560mm and elg-150-c700b that I can order now. What do you say about that? I told him a had to speak to my advisor!! Lol.


Negative on the elg driver unless you’re powering with 220v?

The Samsung strips could be ok, depends on which one? They make a lot of different strips.

Check arrow electronics, they may even have discount code for first order.


WHOOOHOOOO!!! Strips and driver being overnited!!! Thank goodness!!



You got 560mm strips right? Part number something like this BXEB-L0560Z-35E2000-C-B3


Yessssss​:grin::grin::grin::grin::grin::grin::grin:. Did I do good??