DIY with bridgelux eb strips


Exactly that # 7 strips and lpc100-700. $88.43. Free overnight. From Arrow.




I know right!! I’m all goofy excited!! Lol!! This is a trip!!


You should have fun with it.


I hope it works out like I have it pictured in my mind. If so it will be peachy if not I’ll be shouting out for a rescue!! Lol. Couldnt have done it without you!!!


@dbrn32 looky looky what I got!!

Ohhh yeah…it’s on now!!!


Sweet! Let me know if you need anything.


Thank you. Hope its smooth sailing here on out…Hoping but ehhhh I doubt it!! Lol… we shall see!! I’ll update as I go along.


@dbrn32 am I ready for next step Or more sanding?




How coarse was sandpaper you were using? Pics can be a little misleading.


At first but it scratched so I used 320 then 1500 wet.

Different angle. I can see the marks. almostalmost like a film still in spots.


@dbrn32 more fine tuning without making low spots. I can see a difference. May take a little while but I’ll post in a bit


Looks good to me so far @Angie. I didn’t even sand my aluminum and it was in worse shape than yours :wink:


A little bit of wet/dry paper and a mist of water would polish it right up. Probably not neccessary, just clean it very good when done.


Thanks @MattyBear. I can just about use this for a mirror!! Lol. No really Im going try and not embarrass myself.


still has a cloudy look in places.


Just keep cleaning until the cloudiness is gone. You’ll be good. It’ll take awhile, but eventually it’ll be clean. @Angie (did the same thing for mine)


What are you cleaning with? Try rubbing alcohol if you haven’t. Being shiny isn’t necessarily important, just needs to be flat and clean.


Ok thanks. It’s getting there. Few more bowls and little bit of elbow grease.:wink: