Dialing it in with Sour Diesel, Purple Haze, & Jack's 321 Nutrients

Just a little about my grow space. I have a 10’ x 5’ room with two 20 gal totes to grow in and a 13 gal reservoir to hold water, a 400 gal/hr. water pump, a water chiller, 3 air pumps, and two 24” x 24” QB lights and plenty of circulating fans.

For exhaust, I have 2 intakes and 2 exhaust outlets. I have a 6” exhaust fan and filter on one outlet and another 4” exhaust fan and filter hooked up to the other outlet should I need it.

I had a few minor problems with my first hydro grow.

First, the setup did not have enough water volume for my reservoir to keep things steady….(I think).
And it’s still gonna be a problem… lol (but manageable.)
I decided to keep the same res because it fits my space. I’ll just have to add about 4 gal of water every other day during the peak of the growth.

Second, I had a problem one time with roots growing into the pump through my hoses. I’m hoping to have illuminated that problem by installing a drain filter on the ¾” outlet and a stainless steel grease splatter screen in front of the ¾” outlet. I made it so where I can easily take it out and clean it if necessary.

Third, was getting inside the totes to clear the roots from the outlet when the scrog was setup.
I’ve attached the scrog to the top of the totes so the whole plant will raise up and down with the lid and the scrog at the same time in case I need to get inside.

I also moved the air pumps closer to have shorter hoses running to the totes. I started to get a bigger air pump but I think these are working ok…. till they don’t, then I’ll go bigger…lol

Another issue was pulling the heat out of the room. I moved my exhaust fan filter right above the lights.

I’ll be setting up a reflextics curtain so I don’t lose lighting on the front side of the plants. Hopefully that’ll help with pulling the heat out as well.
I was also able to even the pipes and totes with some minor adjustment.

And now the grow begins!

I soaked 2 seeds in water and peroxide, then paper towel and then pete plugs. Both had good tails. I put the seeds in tails down in the pete plug. Tails grew up, instead of down…. The tail literally came out of the plug. Tried to flip but neither one made it.

I thought I was gonna have to go back to propagation school because the next 2 seeds did the same thing. I was able to flip both right side up, but only one made it (SD). The other died.

So now I have a SD in a net pot under the dome and on the heat matt and a PH in a pete plug hoping its gonna germinate and make it. If the other PH seed doesn’t make it, then I’ll have to do a bigger scrog…awwww! poor me…lol
Right now, I have it set up to scrog both plants each on a 28" x 36" wire scrog.

All are welcome! If you have any comments or recommendations, please don’t hesitate to share.

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Great looking room!


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Thanks for the tag man, I am definitely watching :+1:

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”Progress isn’t made by early risers. It’s made by lazy men trying to find easier ways to do something”
Looks great! I’m following :v:

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That’s good! Thanks brother.

Set to watching…
This is a hobby that’s never ending… lol
Although after all of these years, I don’t really change much… :+1:

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Nice space!! Clean AF

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Thanks @peachfuzz I wished I could say the same about “all these years” but I didn’t even know about growing an mj plant up until 2 years ago when I started. I’ve smoked it for 25+ years. but never had the thought of growing it. It’s been a challenging hobby for sure. My biggest problem is not know how to maintain (trim and train) a plant. I’m gonna give it a good go this round. I believe my set up is gonna be dialed in enough where I can focus on the training and maintenance while she’s growing… I hope! :+1: :sunglasses:


Thanks @PharmerBob
It’s easy as all get out sense I have a sink in the room with my system. Not to mention, I built this for that very reason. Clean and easy! :+1: :sunglasses:


Thanks for the tag. Set to watching. I’m still learning, but @OhHeyThere probably has advice to help work the kinks out of the hydro setup.


In my research with hydro, I think I will be using rock wool cubes as a media. (Personally leaning towards starter block then 6” block in a square bucket of undetermined spec.)

From previous questions I’ve asked, I think upsizing your drain lines would help with the root plugging. If you have room in res.

I think you’ll be ok on exhaust, but it’ll take both 6” and 4”. I run a 6” in my 4x4 and 8” in 4x8.


I was gonna suggest this instead of the peat plugs. I usually drop into Rapid Rooters if I’m doing RDWC.

Did you try a filter bag for your pump? That might help too.

Nicely done. I did the same thing when I was more height constrained.


I have an inline water pump. Roots growing in the lines really wasn’t too bad. I was able to just fold them back. It was just a pain trying to lift the scrog and lid and fold the roots back. That’s why I made the adjustments I did.

Not too concerned about the height… um yet. Got 8’ ceilings.

I didn’t have to run the 4”. It didn’t make that much of a difference.

Thanks to both for you input. So appreciate it!! :+1:t2::v::sunglasses:


I’m set to watching. I like seeing a nice clean grow haha! I’ll have to run another Sour Diesel: great plant!


Thanks for the tag I’m following along for sure


Thanks brother. I’ve so enjoyed watching yours grow. :+1:t2::sunglasses:

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Thanks for the tag @Waz_Wolf and the kind words. Though I must admit I am very new and generally just parrot all the things I read and hear.

Setup looks good. The root issue is common from what I’ve read and heard. I went with 3” return pope throughout my system to avoid this. The timing of roots clogging things up is always toward the end and not when you want to stress the girls out. :wink: Biggest issue with going with 3” return piping is it can get pretty expensive if you can’t find good quality bulk heads and such.

I’m jealous of your tent size. I half jokingly mentioned something to my wife and she gave me the double look. I quickly just bellowed out with laughter and said I was just joking. I’ll bring it up again next year :wink:

Set to watch, yell if you need anything.

This will be you on 4 weeks brother. All sour diesel autos.


I am loving these jacks nutes I haven’t had to up or down my ph at all. I definitely want a rdwc setup though when we move I’ll set one up


I started with GH, and I’m about half a bottle through micro and grow. I promised to finish using them, but jacks has been ordered.

Apparently there’s a flood of new growers in the area. The local store has been picked over, so I bought early.