Daily light integral to start foxtailing

So if I have the 20lb paper, my numbers are around 5-10% lower than what they actually read? Is that correct? And 22lb paper gives closer to actual numbers?

Not all phones require the piece of paper. I think apples do. I have a galaxy s21 ultra and it doesn’t require the piece of paper. Actually when I put the piece of paper of mine it tells me to “remove the diffuser”


@ReelOfishal My moto edge+ says it, and it drops my ppfd on my S21+ to like 40. Guess it is just an iPhone thing. Without it, I’m getting about 800 on both phones, but I just turned on the other light too.


Yeah the light sensors are differnt on differnt phones.


@Mark0427 @alexankh @OGIncognito thanks for the info guys. I’m on Android and don’t think I even need the paper. :man_facepalming:t3:At least I know if I switch to iphone tho!


yes all phones are diff. my model i phone is different from hells. what im trying to say is youre prob in the right ballpark with the 20lb paper, using an iphone.

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roger that @Borderryan22 . my wife has an android, google pixel something, maybe ill do a test.

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Your right, android= no diffuser needed🤘


Yeah I don’t do I phone either. It’s like all backwards to me from Android lol. I hate the no back button idea on them and all.


Had one for a bit. Free with new plan. Bought the edge+ after a month.

i dont think the app work for my phone at all, no matter what i get single digit readings