Daily light integral to start foxtailing

I got the lux app and I know that lux can convert to foot prints.
So how does that translate to par or ppfd?
Plus at 40 to 45000 lux plants begin foxtailing
Nothing over 45000 but what can the lowest low end be?
3 plants 1 light

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Lux and PAR are two totally different metrics. An app on a phone will not really give you valuable data.


What do you recommend for a cheap lux meter?
Plus does the lux need to be 40000 45000?
To trigger some foxtailing?
Then for the outer perimeter where light intensity is lower whats the lowest to trigger foxtaiking?
I got a viparspectrap2500 3 ilgm white widow female. flowering.
Had my grow light within 16 inches away.
Raised it up to about 30 inches because I was told to download a certain lux app and try to get my plant 40000 to 45000 lux and no more.
If that works generalizing not totally dialed in I’m happy with that if not please talk me down man.

Photone app it’s free need a piece of paper

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Lux is a measure of visible light. It is not a measurement generally used for photosynthetic measurements. That is what PAR is for: Photosynthetically Active Radiation. PPF or Photosynthetic Photon Flux is another. The only good way to measure is to use a quantum sensor and they ain’t cheap.

Without that meter you are kind of winging it. That’s not a bad thing as most of us wing it too. Probably, without a quantum sensor, it will be trial and error. Having good lights with usable published data on said light makes it unnecessary to measure.


What do you do with the piece of paper?

Ok one more question for now?
So since I pulled up my viparspectra p2500 I think ppfd or footprint what height do you believe would work best to achieve foxtailing or best bud swelling in my grow area

How much umols I guess do I need min. And max

get your ppfd up above 1000 at canopy and you should see some fox tailing.

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I am a little confused by the question. Some foxtailing is OK. However, it is usually avoided if possible. I find if I am pushing 50+ DLI late it flower (after day 42 +_) I am more likely to have some fox tails than if I back off down to 40 DLI
You can see some slight foxtailing on this bud.


Glad you addressed that as I was a bit confused as well. A plant in late flower will need less light and nutrients as it’s finishing. But like stated; a high DLI like the plant might see in early flower will promote foxtails.


ok um whats the good or bad of foxtails??? lol sry for my ignorance

Yes I think from my info when trying to figure out growing flowering harvesting drying curing etc. etc. and so and so on…
I picked up and possibly misconstrued info.
But when waiting to harvest your crop when buds are finished. That proverbial sweet spot one thing you want is some foxtailing just a little. Along with trichomes brown pistils what have you the signs its time to harvest.
So I was instructed to lower my dli to 45000 lux bot one iota more the only way to begin foxtail formation. That is the other harvest green light of full bud development.

So ppfd or footprint :footprints: at canopy and I shall see the dawning of the foxtailing?

That bud ready for harvest?

Hey I’m a KY. too bro.

patmari did you grow the bud in your profile picture :camera:??
I’m always trying to see if there is a better grow that I can be doing or partnering up on.
Just throwing that out there.
44yr.old I’m from the area close to second biggest city in KY.
close to the state capitol…
Food for thought bro.
Happy growing

Foxtailing is more an indicator of the plant giving a last gasp. It’s one sign I look for to determine when to harvest. Some strains are more sensitive to this than others so all you can do is use best judgment. Frankly it’s not something you try to get.


Ok i misunderstood.


No sweat; that’s what we’re here for.


yes its currently growing, im from western ky but dont live there