Closet/Frigidank™ perpetual grow


There is a smaller strip. 280mm or 11" but doesn’t help if you already have the strips lol.


Ifkr. I orderd the smallers :joy::rofl::joy:. Cant believe im actually thinking ‘man these are too big’. They actually sent the 580’s accidentally :+1:t5:


Oh yeah I forgot you got lucky/ unlucky lol.


I’ll take them. I mean, you know, if you don’t want them lol


Hahaha. Don’t worry. They will all be well used


Well, how’d I do? It’s super sticky, and dense. I’ve had some of the shake and a few of the tiniest popcorn buds (which are even dense, themselves), and it’s my best yet, for sure. Here’s a “medium” bud, which is what the majority is, by weight. But there must’ve been 50 itty bitty ones, just right for a bowl for @LogieByYoga, but I need a couple.

As you can see, I’m super not picky with my trim. And I need new glasses. It’ll cure for a couple weeks, hopefully. This month is crazy tight, so I might have to dig into more than popcorn soon :man_shrugging:


Looks good to me!


Forgot about Dre…errr, Betty. She thinks fall is here. She’ll be starting week 7 next Monday. I started flushing Judy about this time, so she’ll at least make a week longer, maybe two.


I found this shirt. I figured anyone else whos been on pain meds for any decent length of time would understand my humor in it.


The :+1:'s make it. Awesome!


I’ve had the good fortune not to have been on pain meds (yet). But my wife has been, a couple of times (short-term). And we have a lot of experience with this in our family, working in the medical field. A laugh at breakfast-time is always a good way to start the day. Thanks!

Betty looks awesome. And those buds look like like sticky little rocks! Great job, @elheffe702. 'Something to look forward to, for sure!


“Where do you think you’re gonna put a tree that big?”
Bend over, and I’ll show you!

…a little full…a lot of sap!

Sometimes, there is no explanation. It’s just where my mind went lol


My favorite Christmas movie :joy::wink:


Time for an update! Pepsi (Lemon Skunk) is starting to stretch out a little, and she’ll get transplanted in another couple weeks or so:

Lucky (Double Tangie Banana) is filling in and will get transplanted soon:

Scully (Head Cheese) is crowded and I feel bad about it. I’ll probably swap her with the clones so she can spread out better. I didn’t think the light proofing through completely, so the warmest space (what was supposed to be the nursery) has more room than the veg space. Duh. I’d fix it, but we’re moving so soon, it’s not worth it to me. She needs a trim, too. I’m having a pretty lazy day, though. So it’ll probably wait until tomorrow.

Angie (Double Tangie Banana) is starting to show pistils after a couple weeks of 12/12. She’s unhappy because she went a little dry, and then got fed just before this pic. To be honest, though, she’s always looked a little sad:

Betty (Lemon Skunk) is 6 weeks into flowering today. This isn’t the biggest cola, but it sure is pretty:

The little stuff. I might do a staggered harvest on her.

I covered up about 2/3 of my “intake” fan in the Frigidank™ to cut down on the windy, since even on its lowest setting it was too much wind blowing up through the canopy. I can’t thank @Niala enough for setting me straight on that. My grows have really shown improvement. The rest of you have got me to here. Thank you all. By the way, Judy is getting tasty!

I hope you all are in a good place, both literally and in a good headspace. And I hope your gardens are healthy and bountiful. :v:


P.S. – Scully is for sure female:


How are you and the ladies doing? I hope all is well.


We’re okay, just busy!


Wow the color changes in those leaves are beautiful! Glad to hear all is well.


Also, just gave Angie a trim, and my hands smell like I peeled an orange. She’s got at least a couple months to go. I think I’ll need to put her in the Frigidank™ (for the carbon filter) as soon as Betty (above) is done in another week or so. She’s a fragrant gal.


The color change on the above bud is awesome