🎄 Christmas/Holidays 2016 - What did you get from Santa?


Peace yeah butt quiet another thing i still have my 6month old babygirl here with me so lmfao


Ats right brother


I have 4 extra CFL lights I put in the tent just for extra heat if I need it. I also have a heated propagation mat that I plug in and keep a tray of water on it. All add’s a little bit of heat but not tons. Things you can try maybe.


I came home with a few hundred rounds of 9MM ammo, a big box of assorted steaks and things from Omaha Steaks, cash and a bunch of little misc. stuff.

No big sticky buds but pretty happy with the ammo, steaks, and cash - that’s a pack of condoms short of a party.


My daughter was a year old when I split up with my ex. A handful but worth every second.


I got a Panini press from my parents, and we made sandwiches.


YUMMY! I got one of those breakfast sandwich makes a few years ago. Use it every weekend still!


This is pretty cool. 4 in 1. Can do the deli thing with the sandwich, itghe top and bottom floats to allow most any size “something” in there. Can roast veggies or open it up…or not…and grill a steak. faberware brand. Pretty cool :slight_smile:


That is the ultimate munchie machine there!


I got a cement mixer lol
So happy need to redo walk to front door wasn’t looking forward to hand mixing concrete but I won’t need to now and bonus when mixing up my potting soil I’ll be able to large batches at once :+1::sunglasses::v:️:grin:
Merry Christmas all of the ilgm family


Got a GoPro camera and deep fryer


Life will work itself out brother
Just do what you need to for your little girl she it the most precious gift anyone could receive and watching her grow up will be more rewarding than anything else you can ever ask for :+1:
Be strong and all will be fine
I’ve been there myself so I’m speaking from my own experience :v:


I will do anything for my daughter shes me day my night my sun my moon my air i breathe in without her?that would devastating no i love my girl so much and lovf the fact shes with md fulltime every day sll day just not when im off to work but outside of work i slways keep my girl with me thanks 4 sll your support guys much apreciated!!


I gave out 700$,200 to a lady I didn’t even know… I over heard her talking to another lady in the store and the old hard shell crack a little, after the other lady walked off I walk up to her and handed her 200 said merry Christmas and walk off… I got very little which was more than I expected lol… I usually buy my own Christmas but not this yr… I got 1 gift that I didn’t need, DRAMA…


I got an early present 3 weeks ago found the best, kindest, sweetest ,most beautiful women ive ever met .then along came the Grinch he thru a wrench in the works and i got a very broken heart for Christmas eve. :sob::sob::open_mouth::scream: .so spent it very alone alone :no_mouth::sob:
Hammer .


that sucks! may the new year be kind to you hammer!


I feel your pain brother, hope it works out for you… Hey just keep your head up and new year might bring you the right one…


I got a new knife sharpener which is awesome. No more dull knives for me!


I had to post something lighthearted since I’m frustrated with my grow. Here’s my new Christmas toy I get to share with my husband… Isn’t it romantic lol


Awesome! :slight_smile: