🎄 Christmas/Holidays 2016 - What did you get from Santa?


I’m curious what toys and things people get for Christmas/Holidays :christmas_tree: this year. We have a “want list”, now let’s have a “got list”, hehe… I know I won’t be getting any big nuggets like some of you are giving as gifts :astonished:

For me, It’s not about the :gift:'s. I like giving them more than getting but it’s still fun to hang with family and friends and exchange gifts.


Merry Christmas @Matthew420
And to all who are part of the community @ILGM


And to you my friend! And everyone else. Be merry and be safe, and maybe high…


Yes merry Christmas!!! Have a great day.


Pretty much my grow setup was an early Christmas present that started in November…lol. Merry Christmas to everyone and have a safe holiday. :snowflake:


Well, happy Hanukkannabis to you then! Spreading it out over time. Brilliant!


Merry Christmas everyone much love my brothers and a happy new year


Merry Christmas one and all ,may you all have a wonderful and safe Christmas,I. I’m getting a couple of Oz’s of super skunk from brother in-law




Me and the wife found out that we’re getting a grand baby​:slight_smile::blush::laughing: best Christmas ever…
Merry Christmas and happy new year to all my people across this beautiful planet…



Just had one right before Thanksgiving so I know the feeling!!! :sparkling_heart:


merry christmas everyone!!! santa brought me a new grow box with all the fixins’ and some awesome seeds from ilgm!!!


dang… i never could get my bro in-law to act right much less give a present of that magnitude! merry christmas coltfire!!


Another 300w LED! Thank you Santa!
Merry X-mas to all.


How about my first grow going into flower stage…
Check out White Widow Auto Fem flowering question
I may be wrong…lol


A new mini co2 generator though it was from Mrs Clause not Santa lol. :evergreen_tree:


Merry christmas guys…wont be a good holiday for me since my wife and me separated yesterday…


Damn, sorry man. You’ll get thru it. Been there myself


Oh man sorry to here that, sure she’ll be back tomorrow, enjoy the peace and quiet while you can


Thanks 4 supporting me bro…you should go and have a look at my new topic i have a 600watts viparspectra led now and 5bigbud xl autos and everything looks fine butt just need to find the best solution to keep the growroom warm cuzz cools down to much @Matthew420