🎄 Christmas/Holidays 2016 - What did you get from Santa?


Very cool :sunglasses:
Wish my wife smoked with me she’s not anti smoking it’s just not her thing :sunglasses:
Oh well it just leaves more for me :smiley::laughing::+1:


My man and I both started smoking (again) a few years ago. We both deal with things that weed really helps with(instead of pills)… So we started smoking together. I’m sick of dealing with getting it from other people though… Which is how I ended up here😉


@leslijnz I must say that is pretty awesome I completely dig that… now I’m on for the hunt​:smiling_imp::wink::smiling_imp::smiling_imp:

The only problem I see is that my wife has massive lung capacity , so I may be at a disadvantage…lol :angry::angry::smiling_imp::smiling_imp:



Nice :+1: I am here for the same reason
And I did the pill thing for a bit myself
:v:️️Happy growing :slight_smile:


And how does that work?lo



You hit from both sides at the same time! And it works well😛


had me wondering .
Hammer .


Kinda like this, the Italian version though.


How did you find a picture of us on the internet?!:sweat_smile:


One word. Stalker

I took the pic the other night from the bushes.


You stick out like a sore thumb being all tie dyed up and the fact your a bear :bear: lmao


LOL, yes, but I’m smarter than the average dancing bear.


And I thought I just had some really good bud and was seeing crazy dancing bears with cameras!


That confusion probably saved me jail time. Or at least a long run. So :+1:


Sorry you are going thought this. My first husband i am separated 2 weeks before Christmas 8 years ago. It is hard but it will get better.


My Christmas present was my grow tent and all the fixings including my seeds.