Bogleg's "Whatever I have going on" Thread

My dad used to ask me if I had been smoking “them left handed cigarettes” 40 years ago! Got a pretty good laugh on that one, appreciated @dbrn32!.
I am no help bogleg , I germ in the medium!


All right I cleaned up a bud from the D8 plant I seeded out. This is how many seeds I got from a little 1/2" nug:

And then I put the non-seed stuff in my bong and smoked it. This marks my first session of the day, and I definitely feel some effects. I would characterize it as still heady, not as spacey though as when it was fresh, and definitely body euphoria going on. Not super strong. Enough to notice but not distract (I think, we’ll know when I go out to the kitchen for another cup of coffee). Interesting.


Still feeling it - but clear, general feeling of happiness. Not “stoned” or “high” really.


That’s awesome homie

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Might be onto something.

Might also be reorienting some seeds.


Kinda looks like a sperm cell… just sayin! :sunglasses:

6 of the 10 seeds are now seedlings. Probably all the boys.


LMAO left handed cig - I don’t recall ever hearing that and I’m 53 LOL

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My 2 cents - I “close” the opening and my plug holes are not near that big. Smaller holed plugs?

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I normally do something entirely different. This an experiment. Which seems to be working without any issues so far:

The other 4 are all germinated just not growing quite as fast.


Looking good!

Got the big girl on the screen. Two days into 12/12 now. She dropped 150ppm in two days.

In the actual flower tent I have 14 clones of the other Hawaiian. Not sure If they are female yet. Pretty sure but not 100% sure.

I also have those F2 seedlings in there but I am probably going to remove them and fill the other half with clones.

Assuming I didn’t mess those all up. There are 5 rooted in there right now but they don’t look great. Of the rest I know 6 for sure are female. The others are the parts and pieces of the TOxBMR plants.


I put the lights in both big tents at 350w. I’ll go up to 450 in a week.


Look as expected to me, they will buff

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I do like your profile picture, I just don’t like the fact that you changed it… !! You don’t look like expect to see… :grin::v::+1:t2::sunglasses: