Bogleg's "Whatever I have going on" Thread

I will use this thread as a perpetual log of whatever I have going on in my garden. As it stands right now, I am currently searching for some mothers and have a few strains started up for that purpose:

For the time being, I have these plants in 3 gallon pots of Mother Earth coco/perlite, and am feeding a slightly modified Jacks 3-2-1 schedule at around 500ppms (at the moment). For the time being they are under 350W of 3000K lighting.

The plants pictured are, clockwise from the back left corner: two Cherry Bomb (Maui Wowie pheno), a Hawaiian Duckweb, an African Kwazulu, and a Rosetta Stone. A second Hawaiian Duckweb is in the middle.

The plants had a bit of a rough start due to my own negligence (and a bout with the flu and pneumonia), but I am now managing them daily, so hopefully will get them in tip top shape and have clones in the tray in short order.

I currently have a single clone from each of the four biggest plants pictured above in my cloner in my other tent under 12/12 lighting.

Those are sitting under 240w (3500K).


My actual feeding schedule (ratios remain the same until mid- to late- flower, then I make slight adjustments:


The Part A and Part B are Jacks Feed Part A and B respectively. This combination puts out a total NPK of:


Deeper into flower I like to drop my nitrogen a little and boost the PK (which I think everyone does), so I modify the schedule to the following:


This provides the following total NPK:


Obviously I basically feed all the plants the same thing, and so far this has worked out okay for me. I pretty much ALWAYS use those ratios, and just adjust the amount to get the PPM levels I want.


A final note - for clones and seedlings I use a different Jacks product called Jacks Clone.

For newly germinated seeds, I soak my Rapid Rooters in a mild solution of the above stuff (around 300ppm total, with a starting PPM of 100 for my tap water). I then use the same strength solution for manually watering seedlings until they can go into my cloner. Then I run this same solution in my cloner to finish rooting out new seedlings and to root new clones. So I am currently running 300ppm of the Jacks Clone stuff in the cloner pictured above.


Side note - if anyone is planning on attending NECANN in Boston in March, I plan on attending on Sunday, March 22nd.


I shall be lurking on your journal.


Makes me wanna move back now that it’s legal. How many are you allowed to grow?


I can have up to 12 on the property - six per adult, up to 12 total. With clones I sometimes go over that number. This of course begs the question - what is a unique plant? If you have 12 clones over the same reservoir, with root systems that are all intertwined and sharing all the same resources, and those twelve “plants,” if subjected to a DNA test, would show identical genetics… are they the same plant or twelve different plants? :wink:


You don’t need a card or anything else purchase and there’s shops downtown? I lived in Hyde Park/JP… down here it’s just medical and flower is just starting… You could only buy vape …


Honestly I’ve never been to an in-state dispensary. I started growing the day they legalized it and have slowly acquired the necessary equipment to make my own concentrates (including rosin carts). I only hit up a dispensary if I’m visiting another legal state. But correct - AFAIK you can go to any recreational pot shop and purchase as long as you are over 21. I hear the lines are long.


Apparently Michigan addressed the plant question and defines it as this:

“any living organism that produces its own food through photosynthesis and has observable root formation or is in growth material"


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One thing I failed to mention above, regarding my nutrient solution. What I posted above is the base formula that I use and follow for my grows. I do, however, also supplement that base formula with silica and beneficial microbes (I use Hygrozyme). I provide between 1-5ml per gallon of silica, and I give silica for the entire grow. I base how much I am giving them on how much they are growing. So seedling and small veg it’s 1-2ml, mid- to late- veg and all through the transition, 3-5ml, and then late flower, 1-2ml.

The Hygrozyme I give at the bottles lowest recommended dosage. I don’t recall what it is, but you burn through a ton of this stuff and it’s expensive. But when I started using it I started seeing root systems I wanted to keep replicating. The first grow I used it in combination with Hydroguard in a DWC grow:

That was on a plant I ran in a 30 gallon tote in a 4x4 SCROG last year. In any case, I have kept using the Hygrozyme since then.

I should also note that’s the same time I started running a chiller, so I’m probably spending a fortune on Hygrozyme for no reason.


So in Washington state 3 true leaves at least 3cm diameter and 2 roots 2cm long is a “plant” . Hope this helps

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Belts and suspenders…I use Hydroguard and a chiller.


You would be correct on MI law. Clones count as soon as there are roots that appear. So 12 total here.
Loophole in the system though. It’s still 12 plants no matter the amount of adults living on the property. However one person could have a medical card, grow the 12, and another person could grow another 12 under the recreational law so long as the plants are “secured” separately.
Or we just Covertly grow as many as you want and stick to yourself. :wink:

I’ll definitely be following along in your journal. I always enjoy your updates. Digging the new strains.


Set to watch!! Killer root system on that plant :exploding_head:


sweet… im along for the ride… :smiley:


The consequences of a power outage:


If I’m reading it right it doesn’t look like it was doen too long luckily… that’s some fancy graphing you got there. Are you wifi’d up camera and all too?

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I am - I have a wifi camera in each tent, but currently not pointing in the right direction. :slight_smile:

It was a short power outage, thankfully. I did learn from it that two of my switches are defaulted to not power back on when power-interrupted, so at least I was able to fix that problem in case it happens when I’m not around.


I dropped a couple of seeds a few days ago to add one of my own F2 plants to my rotation.

One looks okay, the other looks like I’m going to throw it away after I finish this post.

One of the truly beautiful things about having a few hundred seeds from a plant is that don’t feel bad just tossing one that starts off rough. You aren’t throwing away $10-15 when you do it.

These are F2 seeds. As a result, my expectation is that I should see a lot of variety in the seeds. The original parents were an Alien Fruitcake by Northcoast Genetix and a Crystal Blue by Brothers Grimm. The resulting F1 mother plant was then pollinated with a “Dejah” father. “Dejah” is a cross between the same Alien Fruitcake father and a Cinderella 99 mom.