Blueberry... they died

A customer has a question or concerns and I hope we can get some opinions on it, thanks

“I am having some trouble with the blueberry seeds I purchased, so far eight of them have died. The first five I planted in potting soil after having put them in water for 24 hours. I kept them under the T5 light for twenty-four hours a day and planted them about a 1/4 deep. The temperature ranged from 75-85. After seven days not one plant came up. The next five I put in a paper towel; they germinated, I planted them 1/4 inch deep. Three to them came up with the seed attached and died. One has survived and the other two haven’t come up, but it’s only been three days. The plants died. I didn’t take a photo of the dead plants.”

  1. The strain is blueberry. Likes to die alot.
  2. The soil is fine; the ph is 6.
  3. I am not using nutrients on seedlings that last only a couple of days; it burns their roots.
  4. It’s an indoor setup.
  5. Those are fluorescent T5 lights and worked just fine.
  6. The humidity ranges from 45-60; I check it every day.
  7. I am not running an exhaust fan, currently as the plants die before they get to that point.
    8 No, there isn’t an over abundance of CO2.

Are you watering soil or misting soil ?
The humidity for sprouts should be up near the 80% range FYI and temps around 80-85
Did the seeds have tap roots?
Or did shells just cracked ?
I usually place mine in soil when I have a tap root of about 1/4 inch or longer
When you put seed in soil mist top of soil only and keep it moist not wet maybe once or twice a day depending on humidity
You should also have a vent hole or two in that dome your using
To much moisture will rot the tap root and kill you sprout
Hope this helps


I’m having similar problems with ILGM Auto Blueberry and Northern Lights. My first two died with odd, brown/yellow stems. That may have been because of the FFOF soil.

But the second set up have deformed leaves and the hulls didn’t want to come off.

Switch over to small, plastic pots and give them a long time in water to germinate. I just planted another seed that took five days to put out a taproot.

I really wonder if some of the seeds weren’t x-rayed to the point of being damaged when clearing customs.

Hi Countryboy,
I do mist the soil. Some of the seeds had cracked, and Robert had written in his grow guide that this was alright to plant, so I did. They would come up with the seed still attached, and the one in the picture is almost dead now. I do have holes in the vent dome, but I had one closed. I will open it today. The temp range is between 75-85. Robert had written that 73 was ideal, but I have a hard time regulating it down to that. The humidity is in the 40-60 range, but they are under a dome, and it remains humid.
p.s. I wanted to mention that my bag seed for my first grow did not have any of these problems, and I chose the blueberry auto because it was for beginners and had great reviews.

Hi Loneviking,
I had read about x-rays, but I also read that we can’t be sure that it is happening. If it is the problem, then ordering from overseas is not going to be an option in the future. Right now, I have spent about $300 USD on ILGM seeds as well as others to no avail.
Thanks for your insight, I appreciate it.

No, I don’t know of a guaranteed way to know if xrays caused the problems . But radiation causes deformities in both plants and animals.

A couple of random thoughts . If you have a plant come up with the husk attached, take a clean pair of tweezers and get that husk off. I usually wait a day to see if it will come off by itself but after that I help the plant along.

I’m not sure that peat pots are a good idea. They either are really damp or really dry and Cannabis does not like to be kept wet. I’d change over to a plastic pot. I’d also keep the dome off after the first day or two unless your grow space is really dry. Give the babies a chance to dry out pretty good and then gently mist or water them.

@Alfred it’s ok to put them in soil once cracked no worries there bud
The soil look wet maybe you just misted them ? Those peat pots tend to hold a bit of moisture as well maybe try leaving dome off I suspect it a over watering thing that’s causing them to die off
Try removing dome
It’s not uncommon for the sheel to come up with the sprout they will fall off in a day or two if they don’t a light flick usually takes care of that
I have a few BBA going right now as well :+1:
Also when tagging a member you need to put the @ symbol in front of user name just a FYI :wink:
I order my seeds from Iglm and I haven’t had a issue with them coming from overseas
You getting them to sprout so the X-ray theory imo is not a issue here

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Here’s a picture of my 2 girls. The one on the bottom is the frail Blueberry with tiny leaves. She’s growing and trying to survive. The other is the Northern Lights with two, small gray/blue leaves but enough green leaves that she will survive. You can see one of the gray leaves on the right side of the plant. I’ve got both a small grow light and a lamp with a regular bulb in it on them. My temp reads 70, 52% humidity and the dome is off.

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@Loneviking all plants are different so comparing one strain to another really isn’t the best way to judge
I’ve grown the same strain a had issue with one plant not the other
The picture also show the pot on left is getting more light then the pot on right

@Loneviking I just read an article about the x-rays. One gentleman x-rayed his own seeds, and it didn’t have an affect. I will take the top off the humidity dome. I left it on because I read that I should. The blueberry auto passed away today. Oh well, I’ll have to try it again and use your advice about the humidity dome.

@Countryboyjvd1971 Thanks, brother. I didn’t realize that I had to tag someone. I am taking off the dome today. My last blueberry bit the dust. I do appreciate the help because I have been mystified by this problem. Also, read up on the x-ray situation, and you were right. A gent wrote on another blog that he x-rayed his own, and it made no difference.
Have a good day,

You don’t need to tag I just notifies us when you direct a question or comment buddy no worries there
Keep me in the loop I’ll be following this thread @Alfred

@Hogmaster @garrigan62 can you guy take a look at this members thread make sure I’m. Not missing something they seem to be haveing a issue once the beans sprout he followed Roberts Germination info ?

@Countryboyjvd1971who we talking about i’em not sure

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@Alfred was the one Becky started thread for
Thanks guys just wanted to get him on track :+1:

Looks like @Alfred @garrigan62

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Do you have any pictures @Alfred did they pop ? Then die

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@Alfred Looks like they have a long stem From stretching to the light I normally leave room in my pots to add soil so when the stems start to get to long you can bury part of them and it will give you a better root structure They look like they’re getting long and falling over They may need some support do you have a fan in your room to get them to move slightly to strengthen the stem as well

@Loneviking is the one with the stretching sprouts not @Alfred
@Loneviking if you need assistance you should start your own thread
It makes it confusing for us when members jump in and post pictures to support threads no worries just a FYI LV

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