Blk widow scrog 1st grow


Ok boys and girls this is the part everyone loves…

The flowering of plants, or as I know and love…




i am set to watching


do u think youll be ready to join the grow off in Jan?



Got water from this spring
Ph 7.8
Ppm 0112


What’s the grow off, I’m flipping the tomarrow


@raustin @PurpNGold74 @Big123 @DoobieNoobie @Drinkslinger @peachfuzz
Come on and see


2019 Community Grow Off. search the site. its the first time we have had a grow competition. if u drop a seed in the month of Jan u can join us and see whos the best grower


Not sure I’ll be able to enter… but I’m really gonna try… :grin:
I’m going to update my thread here shortly … so I can hopefully get everyone caught up on what’s going on in my adventures… I’ll tag you if your not following already… :wink:



That’s pretty handy to have a spring for water. I have to collect rain.


I’m watching!


Gotta drive 14 miles to get it but been drinking that water since I was 6 was super surprised that there isnt more solids in it but its exreamly clear



The flushing has begun!
3 gal each so far one more then read numbers and adjust then feed
H20 ph with sledgehammer 7.3


Nets here

Update this thing is a RIP off it isnt worth crap


did you say you are adjusting the PH to 7.3 ?


You’re correcting that Ph to 6.5, right?


After I fixed and flushes Summer and Autumn they sit at…
Ph soil 6.5 ppm 1344
Ph soil 6.3 ppm 1422

Next two are up!


No that’s what it was when I used it cause soil was low ph in lower 5s


So I’m good then?


Yes, you’re good.


Hey city girl hows the concrete jungle today?
I’ve done everything that’s been needed except adding the last part with the new nutes. They are still dripping pretty good and the leaves are in droop mode. My last two have a ppm in the 2000s but all else is great should I flush them once more or let them dry out a bit and check in am?