Blk widow scrog 1st grow


You’ll want to flush your 2000 girls and get that PPM down. The others should be fed if you haven’t fed them already. It’s ok if they’re wet, just feed them, then leave them alone ro dry out.

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All flushed happy and fed tomorrow switch the lights and put in net

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So net I got said fits 2x2 to 4x4 tents it dose not by any imagination. It fits 4x4 and that’s it and with 8x8 inch holes wtf. Good thing I saved the one I made and fixed it now I have a net that WORKS. And @raustin thanx for all your help.


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The girls are perked right back up. About 20 hrs after flush and feed. Fixed my net better than crap I bought. And it’s in so it begins lights are switched and timer is set for 12/12.


Yay, good job!

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Yay!!! Flower Power time!

And late as usual but set to watching

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Looking forward to big thick cola pics…soonest. :cowboy_hat_face::vulcan_salute::v:


Its official 12 on 12 off


Now that the new lights are on I’ve had high heat issues had to add a fan blowing cool air into the tent and one from inside it blowing from out to in the tent from a port hole it was 83° now I’ve got it down to 76.4° but my room is 59° so it’s going to be a cool 6weeks. Any suggestions pls share them.


Hey now the nets on ove got two 3 to 4 inches higher than other two how should I tackle this just leave it till the stop stretching or lift net above all growth let them stretch to it’s new height.


I would just leave the net where it is and start tucking the taller ones. The shorter plant will grow into the net.


The tall ones have two each 10 inch across fan leaves they just shade everything under them what do I do leave them cut them tuck them under?

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Try and tuck them for now. If you really have to, you can cut them off.

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I’ll tuck and go from there thanx queen bee


I’m trying to find literature on temps for flowering but cant find a concrete line u shouldn’t cross I’m at 80 to 82° im not sure if that to hot or not im stuck need help please. @dbrn32 my lights are to blam for the 7° rise and staying right there anything I could do?

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82° is on the high side of good temperature. Have you tried adding an extra fan?

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How u lighting em up? As raustin said a well placed fan should help alot. N good air replacement.

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I added another fan its keeping it at 82° if my room is 60° or below I get it down to 75° and the thing this tent has for a flaw is intake holes on bottom getting blocked by the canapy of plants I got some placement spots to re locate.

After some moving I’ve got a fan than moves way more air it wont be there long but for a few weeks its good.
Already at 79 and my room at 65°!

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I think I found the issue. My ventalation system it’s a 4in filter fan cfm like 200 filter and tubing. But not getting a exhaust breeze out of the tube it was really good with small plants but not these plants I guess it’s on full blast and barely a breath. I need to get a bigger or way more power full fan.


Gonna be at 80° till I can get new fan maybe after xmas 80° ain’t gonna kill them just water a lil heavier they should be fine RH is right were it needs to be. It’s hot and musty in there I’m really worried about mold but if humidity is in 20s and low 30s it should be fine. This is what I think by no means is it words of wisdom just a guy who’s done all he can and this is what I gotta fix, or figure how to improve till fixed. But it’s going to be consistant cause these girls dont like drastic flip flopping, what ever it is keep it consistant.