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If you have bought an autopot package in 40liter containers and 2pcs smart pot my problem is that it does not stop running out of the hole the hose goes into the smart pot container in plastic where the meter sits the hose to the meter it runs out. help someone

Problem whid one first but then both

Hey @Blasting I’m just starting to read your 900 post diary lol.

My question is what do you think it costs you per plant from seed to drying?
I also work away for 2-3 weeks at a time and the girlfriends a nursing student so she doesn’t really have much time.
Currently I have been running 2-4 autos in smart pots with ffof and only need to feed some dry nutes maybe 2 or 3 times per grow before the flushing happens… Although flushing is alot of time with the current system because we put a plant in the sink and run the water for 5-10min each watering for the last 2 weeks.

Autopots claim you can leave them for a while, although I’m very wary of this because the PH of the water must go back to its normal after a while and currently a 5gallon bucket takes less than 24hr…

Then comes the added cost of all those nutes needed when running in coco.

I’m in Canada so r plant system is all I’m doing and it has to make sence $ wise as much as possible just seems of the hop like an expensive system that still needs to be Ph’d often with a higher cost?

Good weed cost good money no matter how you cut the cake …I’ve been budget growing for a year now I have no budget as I have an investor and the growth with the right stuff compared to the mediocre stuff is phenominal @Nicky

While I hear what your trying to mean… Your statement is false.

There is a point where growing good cannabis can become not worth the money and hassle invested, it really depends on your local market though and here in Canada the market is flush with product. To boot I know people who grow amazing stuff but currently my setup is worth it to me because I don’t smoke alot and thus can turn a profit/ pay off debts to friends & family.

I don’t cheap out as it is but it really doesn’t cost much in soil with autos when you only need to feed them a couple times near end of harvest.
Start to finish for 4 plants is 420$ in cost with my current setup and I produce good quality buds and about 16oz average.
Cost includes everything from seed to medium to power, does not include setup cost or jars/Bolivia packs.

I have 10k dollar rig going so I’d argue all day but well get no where … the initial start up is not worth the supplementation of canabis instead of the money based on time alone I can go to my buddy’s and get a qp for 450 and be set for 4 months or u miiiiiight get lucky and hit every target and grow weed half as good on your first 2 harvest which will take longer then 4 monthes for a Newb …and you wont get the quality i get from a quality source…but it is worth the profit if your doing it for a profit :wink: I’m in south florida and I dont even have a medical card so ur living in the land of dreams to me I wish it was freely legal to do as you wish with weed … my entire house would be green no doubt… my 200 sq foot perpetual is in its first 3 sets of weeks I’m shooting for a 400 to 600 grams a week … 10k dollars in weed I’ll get that back in no time once crop starts popping

every week 1 wooden rack comes in from 10 day veg period 2 weeks was 2 long they grew waaaay faster then I was expecting with my rack system turns out they so like the tall skinny 4 inch custom pvc pipe pots with lot and lots of perlite and doing a couple different dirt side by side for my own knowledge I’m still exploring fox farm dirts I’m up to 4 that I’ve tried now on to happy frog this time … I cut no corners this time I put my heart and soul into the idea not to mention my future if it works how I plan …I’m currently running 2560 watts of hlg 600 rspec v2 x 4 for flower and 4 custom 400 watt f series 1120 mm strip builds on hlg 480 mean wells and custom heatsinks like the new gavita 1700e lil smaller version there 600 watts on a 4x4 foot frame mine are 400 on a 2x4 foot but they have infrared and uv b diodes bad ass light but not worth 1200 bucks I built all for of my customs for 1800 =450 a light roughly sorry for the book …but for the profit is the only thing worth it and that’s made after all the mistakes have been made and lord knows I’ve made alot that I’ll never do again that can ruin a room of the stature I’m in now I could t imagine getting botrytis in my current set up.
…that’s h I built the room from the floor up… I literally built a 2 inch pinch over 8 feet and completely lined in shower pan 40mil vinyl water will not stay on that floor no matter how hard you try its then pitched in trough out the building to a drain feild I wanna through some stragglers out by the drain feild from all the excess run off probally grow some monster trees a couple feet away … it definitely wont get too cold lol :rofl:

When I started this opp it was pitty full still running on 400 hps from my newb days when I though that was an upgrade from a Barrowed 175 watt mh lol no bueno

I new autopot groowers and i normaly flush plant every week in flower but how to do in autopot so you dont have salt chock?

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