Blasting's Autopot journal

Hello fellow growers! Finally I just moved into a cute little house and setup my little grow space already :smiley: I let my girlfriend pick two seed in the seed box and turns out she picked an autoflower.

They are both from another breeder
The strains
Blueberry fem from Canuk Seed.
Cheese autofem from Canuk seed too.
Both gifted seed.

the setup
2x4x5 grow tent
4 inch inline fan
Two autopot 15L with two reservoirs with airdome.
30%perlite/70% coco
Advanced nutrients following/tweaking this schedule from hans.

The light will Be a mars ii 700w tweaked light. I will replace the leds with 10 vero 18 3500k/4000k mix. Currently for the first week they will be under a roleadro 300w light.

I decided to start them both at the same time and see how the auto reacts vs the fem. They both had 24hrs in a glass of water and about 24h in paper towel. Blueberry had about 1 inch of tap root and Cheese about a quarter inch. Decided to plant them both so here they are!

Welcome aboard!

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Damn bro, good to see you back! Glad to see everything has come together, and hopefully the move went well.

Let me know when you’re going to get started on the light. I’m a little foggy on where we were at, but I’ll get back up to speed.


If you knew how hot it was and what a mess it was lol!!! Electricity went out and then the water pump in the well started going bad lol! Took us two days to get it to work right. Everything seems fixed now and I can rest a bit, enjoy my place a little.

We were at the point where I had to drill my plates so pretty much step one lol! Im leaving for work tommorow and will get this done next week when I get back, my stash has gone so low I was in a hurry to get these going lol! Im liking the strains she picked,glad she picked an auto too cause I think I wouldnt have by myself.


I figured with the strains she picked @MattyBear may be trying to check her out lol.

Been real hot here too, but glad you’re on east street for now anyway. The joys of being a homeowner!


Thanks for the tag, Rob! Mind if I tag along @Blasting?


Of course! @MattyBear get in the fun train!

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Just to make.this a little more pro.

I gave the pots 1.5L of mixture yesterday and put seeds in ground 2 hours ago.

2Ml/L voodoo juice
2Ml/L piranha
2Ml/l tarantula
1ml/L calmag
0.5ml/L sensi grow a+b.

I tweaked the first watering to be like the 2nd one. Too much? Maybe but Canna recommends never running straight water trough their coco unless very needed.


Tips will tell you soon.


Best of luck @Blasting This should be a good show!!

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I “pre-charge” my coco with balanced water, calmag and voodoo juice. I try to do this 24hrs before I sow germinated seeds into the pot. After the seeds are sowed, as you know, the first water/feed at about 5 days after sprout, for me, is very weak nutes along with the calmag and voodoo (if I had those other products I would likely use them too).

Hopefull that maybe your approach speeds things along in those first 21 days!!! We. Will. See.


Figured that since I didnt have anything to balance PH a little sensi would do it!

Time will tell :smiley:

Just left home, guessing they will sprout tommorow or thursday, Ill be good to water by myself when I get back home next week on tuesday night, if not, my wonderful love should take care of that :slight_smile:


Blueberry is alive!

04/07/18 Marks day 1 for BB.

So, I tought this whole thing today loading my blast and sweating my entire body like a thousand time, since I only have 2x4 space atm and kinda scared of how this will turn out watching @Screwauger enormous autos and reviews from the seed bank I got my cheese autofem from, The cheese itself might overgrow the tent if I dont control it. I am thinking topping might give me a better chance a not getting height problems with the cheese, but have no idea when is the best time?

Then comes the autoflower and feminized combo, I was thinking switch to 12/12 when cheese is beggining to flower? Or when BB gets too big to veg anymore for my space. Does 12/12 trigger an autoflower to flower?

Help me out brothers! I am thinking my best choice is buying another tent so each has its own space lol. But that not really the best choice budget wise atm lol!


Set to watching.

Welcome aboard Mr @Drillbit. Kind of a funny name to go with blasting!

No @Blasting the auto will start and finish flowering regardless of how much/little light she gets.

I say, don’t top but if stems get to tall supercrop when/if you have to. Just my opinion. I don’t top auto’s some do.

I do top fems or photos I mean.

You be fine in the same tent light wise, space is another issue.


I think Im going to switch to 12/12 at day 30 no matter what happen, see where this gets me! Should be a little less explosive for the auto with 12 hours of light instead of 16.


I also don’t top my autos, just LST mainly. I’ve ran autos on all schedules and I like 12/12 the best, personally. They do most of their growing at lights out, so maybe you autopot guys will have monster trees on 12/12 haha

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This little blighter, accidentally topped, has been under 12/12 since she was 10 days out of the ground.

I wonder if it affects the total grow to harvest time, but otherwise I see nothing to worry about on 12/12.

That may alter depending on strain, of course.


Today marks day 1 for cheese auto! Lets say they both sprouted yesterday on 04/07!

Next watering day 5 so 08/07!

No pica yet, will do this when I get back home.


Set to stalking :slight_smile: