Approaching Harvest, thoughts on splitting and ice bath

Been seeing a lot on the topics of splitting and ice bath’s before harvest. Says splitting should be done 7-10 days before harvest and ice bath should be done 2-3 days before harvest and then let sit in 48 of darkness. Does this stuff really work? Is it worth the trouble?


Take some before and after pics, cause iam curious also, i did 24 hours of dark

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dun rit splitting will produce a 10% increase in trichomes.
ice will produce a larger increase…also thickens up the buds.

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Yup its kinda a tossup. If u grew ur plant out to the best of hr ability, the increase wont be majorly noticable. Im kinda torn on this. Ive explained both a few times and even do a ice bath’ just a bit differently. I always run cold cold water the last few feeds. Same purpose. Trick the plant into thinking icey rain? Winter is coming. Reason being ice melts slowly and will keep ur dirt soaking 2-3 days.

The increase trich production will be all new trichs with no time to mature properly so its not like ur gonna get a major thc boost. Doesnt have time to mature. Itll get stickier tho. Stem splitting makes the plant think ‘o :poop:, something attackd me! Defensive weapons activated’ and thc is weed’s defense against plant eaters.

And the ice bath equals winter which means time to get the show wrapped up. Or mature faster


So I think im going to try both because if it doesnt give me anything extra no harm no fowl i was gonna harvest anyway. Ill take alot of pics and track progress. Ty guys


Sweet thinking. Dont forget the before and after. And best of luck with ur harvest

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Ik u have more experience, but how much growth do you expect in the last 4 weeks of flower? Im one month away and not quite seeing the amount i hoped for, and i have a pretty nice setup

I’m not sure either of those do anything.

I still do them though, since it’s easy and painless (for me).

I don’t do the days of dark before harvest, although I do wait until they’ve been in lights off for at least 5-6 hours before chopping them.


Got pics? And describe ur setup.
Pot size?

Pics are worth a thousand words. But we can try to throw a few tips if u can answer the questions above

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Just for reference here is my current harvest 33 days after flipping to flower:

Here is the same grow 61 days after flipping to flower (taken about a week ago):

Each grow and each setup will produce different results but you can see how much they filled out in the final four weeks. They continued to fatten up over the past week.

Forgive the shape they are in, this grow go away from me. LOL


I have so many pics ill post them from my phone but ill answer your questions.

5 gallon bucket not pot (probably around 5 gallons in it because ik the 5 gallon pots only hold about 3 actual gallons why i didn’t use that)

FFOF soil 3/4 soil 1/4 perlite

HLG 300 v2

GH Trio

Its bagseed but ik the strain because i got it in an 1/8th from the dispensary. Rojo dawg #15 (crossbreed of red headed stranger and chem dawg)

Ill go take some pics now.


i flipped to 12/12 on Sep 20th for reference


Therein lies the problem… not really a bad one at all. U flipped sept 20… so id put ur first day of true flowering between Oct 1-4. Its the 22nd so ur no more then 3rd- start of 4th week. Breeders dont account for transition and some flat out lie about harvest speeds. Many times it takes 2-3+ more weeks to harvest. If ur aiming at an 8-9 week flower, u have 5-7 more weeks. And they will bulk up ALOT more. Your setup is more then adequate.

My girls at approx the same age


Those will be amazing in 5 or 6 six weeks. I know it is hard to believe but they really bulk up in last few weeks, like @PurpNGold74 said.


im actually wrong, it was about a week before i flipped to 12/12 so maybe like mid September. EIther way it nice to know that theyll bulk up a little. she looks and smells great and looks very healthy so low yield or high yield im happy. This is my first time growing anything, so im happy it didnt die and its doing well LOL.


Looks good what you got going there.

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ive been think about harvesting very close to thanksgiving time, does that sound about correct?

Actually? Yup thats spot on. Maybe a week before. Possibly after. But definitely in that window.

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If youre asking if this is actually my first time growing anything then yes actually lol. I tend to get super into things and go overboard right away hence the 550 dollar lights and all the extra stuff i bought when i knew nothing about growing cannabis hahaha. But now i know a ton and love every second of growing. Ill post some updates in the next couple weeks on the plant and def will be posting my splitting and ice bath progress/results. Thanks for the help.


No problem. Dont forget to drop tag bombs when u do. Good luck again bro