All of you people have done it now!

I don’t know what kind of bad influence everybody here is, but y’all have done it now.

You people have turned this jackpine Savage into an indoor grower! I am now refined with proper etiquette and manners, I actually eat with a fork and spoon now, instead of my fingers, I no longer drink from the bottle but pour my champagne into a glass. And worst of all I have a tent in my house that I put up for growing marijuana.

I never thought I would stoop to Growing indoors, or spending the money to set up an indoor grow, and I did kind of cheap out on a few things like building my own tent, and buying the Samsung LED boards and meanwell Driver straight from China, but I guess the ball is rolling and the cat is now out of the bag.

So here is a picture of my new setup and the plants that are in it.

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I still plan on growing outside in the forest, but this indoor sure is nice. No worries of being found and losing a crop, no loss due to drought or having to carry in soil or fertilizer, sure makes life easy.
Trying to tag people and I will try to keep everything updated, including my outdoor grow, but I work lots of hours so I beg for patients from all the growmies here.
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You heathen! Cannabis growing hippie! Otta throw you in crowbar hotel for 20 years for the production of marijuana! Its a friken gateway drug, what are you thinking?


In addition! Youbare burdening the electrical system, you should be ashamed of yourself! Why dont you indoor pot smokin hippes grow yer giggle stick outdoors like true hippies!


The large plant in the left rear is a goldleaf clone that is planted in a mix of chicken and rabbit manure, peat and pearlite. My own mix.
The next plant over is a strawberry kush clone about weeks behind the goldleaf. Far right and in full flower mode is a Northern lights auto and so is the tripod in the front. Topped by insects as a seedling and has no main stem but just 3 side branches.
SK and NL are all in Soil King Big Rootz soil, receiving PH water and cal-mag only. They were introduce to the tent and 12.12 on Aug, 8.


I haven’t given up my outdoor stuff by any means! Just diversifying my portfolio :wink:


Nice!! Looks good :+1: i’ll be following


@fast-grow thank you for the tag!!! Looking like a good start my friend! Set to follow! Indoor grows are definitely different than outdoor! Stay Safe and Lit My Friends!!:fire::fire::fire::v::v:


Looks like you’re off to a good start! Tag me if you need anything.


Appreciate the tag,
I’m always down to party.

Good vibes and good luck :v:


Thanks for the tag @fast-grow!

It’s only a question of diversity!! Year round harvests!! Yesssss!!!

I’ll be following along. :grin::grin:


I’m gonna tag along as well, my friend, if you don’t mind. Thanks for the tag. I am tuned to watching :+1: :v:


I am along for the ride too. :+1:


Thanks for the tag :wink: Your gonna love indoor my friend :+1:


So now my next step is to introduce some natural CO2 into my tent/grow room.
As a home brewer I have plenty of fermentation pails with sealed tops and airlocks to make CO2 so here is the plan.
I am going to make a simple sugar wash with 3 lb. crushed brewers malted barley. 10 lbs of sugar, and 7gallons of water in a fermenter and place it directly in my grow tent. When that ferment is finished I will use it and start another ferment as soon as possible. If I do my part it should be a very clean ferment without lots of odor to possibly affect the plants flavor and smell.
End result should be that I have enough alcohol to make green dragon when the plants are finished. This will require further steps that I won’t go into here.
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Thanks for the Tag Brother am set to watching! Let me know if you need help with anything I will help the best way possible!

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Here’s the deal with CO2: to increase to any meaningful amount would require a closed system with environmental controls. Everything optimized. HIGH intensity light and hydro. To do all of that you have to pressurize from a bottle.

Doing it with bags or buckets just won’t make any difference. Save your time and energy for other aspects of growing. Or if you want to go that route there are a few on here who have done it. But it would be a highly technical grow.


I have a few reasons for my attempt, one is I am fermenting anyway so why not use the tent or at least the room the tent is in to do the fermenting in, free co2…
Other reason is the room itself is sealed with no windows and no fresh air intake. Just a door in so the only air circulation is when I open the door. Fans are blowing but I don’t think it is enough so as long as I am brewing, why waste the off gasses. I am sure it won’t hurt and most of the time I ferment in the house I have to unplug my CO detector or it will go off so it must be producing a fair amount of CO2 to trip the detector.


Uh dood thats not good! You need good air exchange, thats just asking for trouble. Your plants will benefit way more with good air exchange than CO2 for sure! You need to to be able to deal with the amount of humidity they will produce. Just having fans blowing stale air around will not cut it!


The room has a dehumidifier in it. Makes the room warm Best I can do for air exchange is leave the door open during the 12 daylight cycle. No punching holes in walls here. the room is big so it doesn’t get stale. Prolly just have to ride it out and see what I get.