A Noob's 1st Grow Journal

The beans were planted in these 3 gallon pots from the gate, with the goal being a stronger root system for the one and only transplant to 5 gal

They look healthier than the past two seasons so far

Lord willing it’ll be the best round yet

You really should not be posting your locaiton in the open forum. We would appreciate you editing your post. I can remove the image if you cannot.


IlGM forum policy does not allow links to retailers, other than Amazon, Dealzer, and a potfor pot. Please read the forum rules and policy on posting links and retail items.

It is OK to show a product, but it cannot contain any links to unapproved retailers. We use our affiliates ot help keep the doors open. thanks :slight_smile:

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I looked through most of you topic and I did not see where you filled out a support ticket. @latewood

An ILGM support ticket helps everyone know what you have abd what you are using and hterefore everyone can assist in a more informed way. OK? :smiley:
Let me know if you need any help in the future.

Looks like the party is over folks; cops are here to shut us down. It’s been real; it’s been fun. Stay safe and remember that you only get one chance to pick a side. If you get stuck on the fence they’ll gun you down, and they’re out for blood

This ends a noobs first grow journal. Hopefully it helps at least one grower to avoid the mistakes that i made. Much love y’all, no hard feelings be careful with authority otherwise you’ll end up on a delusional power trip

We all here at ILGM, just wanted to help your grow. I wrote the Support ticket so that members could share there grow methods with the experts and membership here at ILGM. We only want to set you up for success.


Ok mate ? You take care too. They were only helping to keep you me and this forum stay safe and free buddy.