4 of a kind + wild card


@Covertgrower… I called the back of my debit card (which is better than credit cards) bank said there was no block for international purchases and this went on for a week and each purchase was declined. I ordered off this card for a year and never had a problem. I’m not sending cash… I’m waiting for my seeds from another company and hope they’re as honorable as ILGM was, they are out of England and my card went right through without calling the bank!!! So, somehow it’s changed for me anyway. But it’s good not to be at the mercy of just one seed bank… that’s been my experience one week ago, I’m glad it still works for you. I hope my seeds of 10 amnesia haze arrives and are just as good as ILGM, not my choice. :neutral_face::herb:


Sorry to hear that, I hear ya on the options though. Another option that might be available is a bank transfer. It does seem odd that all of a sudden it doesn’t work. Feel open enough to share the financial institution name? Is this a national bank? Or local credit union? Just have me curious.
I have Wells Fargo, but it hasn’t been with out headaches either. @bonnie1


@Viktor7… oh yeah, with this current administration we are regressing for sure, way behind other countries… we’ll be lucky if we end up with clean drinking water after they get done. I knew they were gonna go after the new marijuana laws and try to ruin progress, medical etc… oh well, I’m gonna start cloning, happy growing :+1::seedling:


So I’m so weak and I decided to empty my tent and turn current grow over to mother nature. They will be fine. I do have the 8 clones in the germination/sprout/clone closet AKA “Frankenstein” the tent “Recovery Room” seems so big all empty.
The clones are 2 LA Confidential, 6 Girl Scout Cookies Extreme.

shot has 6k watts light pumping

I am really hoping these clones get right soon because I’m pushing the older chicks out the nest soon. 2 weeks outdoors. Then into tent for flower. Then within the next 2-3 months I should have some good flowers. And some decent clones stretching to go into flower followed by Banner, Dream, LA CON, Glue, and Gold Leaf. All tall all around 60-70 days to flower. I think it will be interesting. Especially if I can get them equivalent to clones(which will go outside asap once they are around 24" range)


Cash works just plan on orderING 6 weeks in advance @bonnie1


I appreciate the info @Sirsmokes… I’m hoping this new place will be just as good. I’m not sending cash anywhere, never have, never will. Just sayin… sending cash & waiting 6 wks without guarantee of knowing if they receive the cash & you get your seeds isn’t something I want to start doing. But I appreciate your help. Hopefully I’ll get my package today. :+1::seedling:


I have great faith in ILGM alone. I believe they have made an honest effort to produce exceptional strains. Plus i believe some U.S. corporations have infiltrated into American strain creations. When big money gets involved sacrifices start occurring. Believe me this is a sad fact to the american dream


I feel ya @Viktor7… I like ILGM too but they aren’t selling seeds to me anymore, this isn’t my choice. I’m still waiting for my order from this new company, it hasn’t been too long yet… I’m skeptical though, glad I bought a lot of seeds from ILGM cause I can clone… I have several different strains I can clone from. :+1::seedling:


Well good luck; i know you will make em grow proper


Had the girls out 3 days now and they are exploding in width. The LA con. Is really stretching to get some height. Its amazing that the baby in the bunch is making a run for size. Right now GSCx is larger than all the rest. That mom plant is very close 2nd.
The clone bud cluster “Frack” is still climbing out of bud stage and taking much longer. It will be interesting as of I have began to LST to a spiral type of design. Still short with a lot of stretching to do. As fas as bud sites or locations all blue dream strain is going to place a super yield. So I expect a pound plus of Dream. Half to whole pound GSCx, whole pound LAconfidential, Skywalker will take more time. I won’t be topping next grow at all. Just a lot is super cropping and LST.


To my Cali growers. I will be traveling that way soon however a stop in Vegas will hold me hostage for a day. I can’t wait to hit the west coast! Relaxation Relaxation Relaxation!!! Wait!!! I will have a 10 YO & a 13 YO with us. Oh Lord!! That’s Disney request and lots of eating out DAMN!!!I LOVE MY KIDS!!


Man it is so boring not to be able to look at my babies!!! They are all fine. Fed last night. Looking great. Growing big, no pest. I am a little worried about trying to get the girls into flower in a few weeks. I don’t want them too big. I’m trying to keep size manageable. I’m having tent issue and outdoor is NOT the route I wanted. This sucks!! New lights no solid dark spot. :thinking::confounded::unamused: not my best grow or might be ILGM strain rapidly gets gigantic outdoors. 1 week and plants added 1/3 size. Now 2nd week in and plants are showing major multiple points of large cola clusters possible. Branches bare multiple shoots at end points. GSCx has like 6 big branches with at least 4-5 smaller branches clustering. She will be beautiful. I worry that her size will be causing breakage behind cola sizes. These buds are going to form into huge multi point colas. The mom blue dream is the same way. Blue Dream mom does have like a hollow center with multiple branches forming low and high. LA Con. Has branching forming nicely but I only see 3 larger so far. But she is the baby, if I can get her to go a little longer I would certainly get a pound but I’m anxious to finish batch #5 all clone ILGM LACon & GSCx. 8 plants.
Once I get these clones pumping out layers , then I can plant a lot of ILGM high -extremely high THC strains.


**I’ve had my girls outside in sunlight for about 2 weeks. Is it going to hurt them placing them back inside and going 12/12?
The schedule is completely opposite of running daylight hours.


Weren’t they vegging before they went outside?
If so no problem. I also don’t know if they started to flower during their time outside. Even if they did, you’ll just be reducing light to 12/12. Either way I see nothing wrong. @Viktor7
Check for bugs… :wink:


Thanks, yea they are well into veg. These are very old ladies grown under high stress in 63-72° temperatures. Not very fast growers, but with spring season they have flourished greatly. My only concern is clone B. “Frack” she was a broken full cola. She is now this short extra bushy plant that still has some single leaves and I can’t see the actual stalk because of the bushiness in center. There are a bunch of super nice branches. And I know it will produce nicely but, it is so doggone clustered. If I put this little monster into flower will I run into bud rot because of tightness of branching.


These girls have been alive since Nov. 2017. Only now do I see the twiggly splits and shafts that will be huge colas. They have plenty of bud sites just need more guidance on thinning out those big leaves and how to handle all the subsequent large single leaves on “Frack”


I see where you’re headed. It’s a monster crop clone. That particular style of clone is very well documented to be bushy. As long as you have proper airflow I don’t see it as a problem. You can trim the lower half up a little, that’ll promote growth on top. I’m not sure how much your phenotype stretches during flowering but that’s also a factor as well, and help kind of “stretch” the bushiness out. I hope this helps. @Viktor7


So here are the girls back in tent and about 4" taller. I am putting these into flower tomorrow. “Frack” is still outside. I will leave her out for a while. She needs more stretch. These babies are now 3’ tall! Horay!!! I’m letting them get acclimated back to tent climates. The temps outdoors today hit 90°. I gave baby (Skywalker miracle) to a relative to care for.

I am going to really push nutrients for bloom on these girls. I’m really impressed by the clones(supercroppers) and mom blue dream. They are huge. The GSCx is a large or larger than mom blue dream. The tallest is the youngin in group. LA confidential. She has some rather large branches. And spread nicely. No topping. One time pinched. The genetics of these strains are super. I’m beyond happy. If I can get all like this in future I have zero complaints. Thanks ILGM. THANKS TO MY FELLOW GROWERS FOR GREAT ADVICE AND ENCOURAGEMENT.
4 in tent-

LA Confidential-

Girl Scout Extreme-

My phone won’t load other 2 pics and sorry for the blurple shots. Gotta let em get used to LED again.


Blue dream clone “Frick”

Blue dream mom “String Bean”


Out of likes but they look good @Viktor7