4 of a kind + wild card


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So from my previous Blue Dream adventure here we are!
Frick. -. Blue Dream Clone A

Frack - Blue Dream Clone B

Fan Belt -. Seed : Girl Scout Cookie x

And “The Brat” - Seed : L.A. CONFIDENTIAL



The wild card is the Blue Dream mother bush “String Bean” I will attempt to throw back in Veg.
At 24/7x3 days then to 16/8!


Can’t wait to see them grow looking good


Total weight of STRING BEAN
Guys get ready for wet weight!!!
This is not incredible but damn once it dries I want to be floored by the quality.
Drum roll…
Total weight wet: 3329.0 grams
Amazing. In such shock I forgot about BOM


Once this stuff dries and cures down I hope I do end up with 2.444 lbs
I will be amazed. More than likely I predicted. 1.25 lbs which is average.


Forcast this grow using only organics from GH paired with that 2360w=560w total for entire 4x8x8. Running super efficient getting fantastic results.but 5 - 4 to 5 foot plants would definitely get me to the goal I seek of growing large multiple stains successfully. Now that I got the hang of successfully pulling the pound can I apply it to create numerous plants. 4-5 every 4 months. Would be super. Which could be quite a production if constant flow is achieved. Possible 6 strains can fit in tent comfortably. Checking out final order for 2018. And it’s a doozie. B.Banner. ,Fire OG, Chemdawg, cherry pie, gorilla glue, Skywalker OG. THEN I may calm down but right now I am making up for lost blackberry Kush and Skywalker OG. I fully intend to stock up a collection of seeds that are of great quality. I trust the folks on this site. I have yet to be deceived. And that alone makes me a dedicated investor to this companies success.


The bag size is a reference to how much weed is in the bag. It’s a lot!!.


Thank you for getting my order ready, I’ll be right there :sunglasses:

Nice haul there :+1:


This is night 3 of 24/7 lights. Now I go back to 16/8.
String Bean is NOT dead!!
She has a lot of small branching that is going to turn to something or another.
Fan Belt- GSCx- she is growing rapidly and will be much much larger than String Bean. The clone sisters seem to be on cruise control trying to regather strength. I am seeing odd leaves. 3 fingers 1 finger. I believe at this point they may begin to form better branching with 16/8. The Brat is at that week stage where she looks like she doesn’t want to be tall or short. Grow little leaves or big. She simply sways unmoving upward slowly. I am expecting a burst of leaf and branching within the next 2 weeks.
Let’s talk about the ILGM Strain GSCx
This strain is amazing. I have had the pleasure of growing one before. This plant is moreso sativa leaning as far as branch formation with a moderate Indica height. On this grow I again will be focusing on branch strength. I want height on this plant and my first attempt was a short veg. Stage with the all light option going. Did not do well in hot high humidity environment. Of course the environment has drastically changed since then. If this plant can hit 4-5 foot range it will be perfect. And guys height is not everything. 3 foot square can be done other than straight up. The company genetics are real. The reports of expected yield are very accurate. This strain is very sensitive and funny so it’s important to acknowledge whether feed strengths do matter. The LA CONFIDENTIAL (Brat) this is round 1 with this strain. She is responding well to initial feeding and watering. She is resting in jiffy pot waiting to graduate to permanent home. I am debating about putting String Bean in a 21 gallon yard pot. The thing is huge. So if I drop a mom plant in a pot that big will she catch up to the circumference of the pot. It’s like 3 feet wide at the top! About 3 feet deep. Tree pot. My room can only produce a six foot bush. At that my once 3 foot female will grow to 6 foot before flower? Should I put her outside because she has lived through the first cycle?


So today checked the recovery room. It is perfect!! I didn’t remove any furniture. Pictures of my girls tonight. String Bean is in recovery and seems to be not dying. That’s a PlUS. I lost one of the cheap Chinese Morsen knockoffs. I will be ordering some much more efficient lights. I am definitely sticking to LED. Will not be putting anything outside after watching and previous experiences with outdoor grows. The smoke on String Bean is super. It is a bit fluffy and not really hard bud, but it has great potency and taste wonderful. Looking to get new strains soon from ILGM. This tent is bumping and I think I may try to fill it with 8 plants. 5 is going to be a challenge but so far I’m headed into month 2 of new setup. Frankenstein comes back online in April. So when May comes into play I hope to have 5 going into flower. There should be 8 freshly vegging strains. 2 Gold Leaf, 2 LA Cons, 4 White Widows. Then the wait for the mega order. I think I can do 5 grows of 8 strains continuously however I can only spit out bud every 4 months. I definitely intend to store every bit of it forever and build up a gracious supply. Wait until you guys see my babies tonight! Remember this will be a 2 month veg. With a possible transplant of a mother plant. Once I can truly see STRING BEAN reverting back into veg. I am going to pot in the 21 gallon. I will be taking pictures because just like they can withstand abuse above ground; the root can handle a little ripping and tearing. So next investment series is new lights, .45, GH nutrients, soil & perlite, and some kind of drainage tray capable of holding a 21 gallon pot. This will be the only time I try mother plants. I will be getting clones a plenty. So blue dream will be cloned again as well as GSCx, LA CON.


why does this clone look like this it is tall stringy


The GSCx looks good!

The L.A
Con is and has caught gscx


Hopefully all will grow together. The mom & clones are a little slower because of the vamount of bud on clone B
the clone is a broken bud itself.


So here is an update to the 4+1 run.

This is the complete grow structure at 85% completion.
So without further e’due

Mom plant: Blue Dream, ILGM, STRING BEAN

Clone A: Blue Dream

Clone B: Blue Dream

Girl Scout Cookies Extreme

LA Confidential,
Thanks for checking in on these ladies.
A smile!
The one either Skywalker OG or Blackberry kush that did sprout. It’s ALIVE!!!

I’m proud to say that this little plant is the first to be the starting runner in the completed ensemble of FRANKENSTEIN & THE RECOVERY ROOM.
Flower Bloom harvest-TENT
Thank You to everyone in my ILGM family!!!


What can be done to catch clone B up with the rest. Clone B was the broken cola. The thing is full of branches and has been LST’d to the best I can without disturbing any of the new branching. It is short and full of branching. The internode spacing is super tight as is the others. My main concern is that the plants get a lot of branching but height is so so slow
I need these girls to hit 4 feet height ASAP.
How do I get the height? The 1k lights may be too powerful or should I turn up nutrients?


Today’s guicl update. Little change due to colder temps. They are rising today’s normal was 72° w/53% humidity. I turned up my nutrients a little more. I will check the results of growth in next week or so. Extra 5ml of organic mixes + Advanced Nutrients Grow solution. Divided normal feeding in half. Light is heat and I can see good response to feeding. Stretch is somewhat apparent because of light heights, bit its cool. Wantore height. Any recommended suggestions?

added the one live Skywalker to room.La Confidential

Clone B “Frack”

clone A “Frick”
momma aka"Blue Dream" String Bean


Okay.so had to spread the girls. Lil Skywalker got her permanent home.

individual shots. Notice “Frack” is strecting but showing a tremendous amount of branchings. These will more than likely cola sticks which I am trying to accomplish. However because of this challenge she is developing much slower so I will up her next feed.
“Frick” has good branchings.
“Skywalker miracle”

Amazing ILGM’s GSCx she was topped and has spread tremendously. I’m now only pushing for stretching. I need 1-2" spacings between internode

Next up is the very reactive ILGM L.A. CONFIDENTIAL. She is very thick even in the branchings.

Check out
“String Bean”
This time no mistakes and she should be still as potent.

So wish me luck all should be pretty.



Are you doing a scrog?


Looks like you’ll finish with a full tent! @Viktor7 great looking girls. Keep up the great work.