4 of a kind + wild card


Thanks. At 3 feet they should spit out a nice yield. I use GH products generally, but on this grow I used the Flower Power product line mixed in with GH. Itching to see how big buds get with that combination paired with 4k more watts of power added. These new lights push 265w each. Already pushing 2650. Old lights were 185w. Said 1k grow lights. I know better now. They still accomplished 2 great grows.
Side note:
Cheap LED grow lights(Chinese) do not last. The fans die as well as lights. You get a 50/50 shot at dependable product.
I still use them. Don’t care they work.
New LEDs(not listing product) are awesome. Just waiting to see if I get super solid colas off these lights.
I’m interested in QB’s but I don’t want to be raising and lowering lights so I will keep my 6k watts at the 5’ height they hang at. I only pray that 6k doesn’t bleach or burn my plants.


Believe me when I open tent the entire area gets lit. That’s a 23’x46’ area. Even though photos throw that blurple; there is an awesome white light hitting the floor.


Now that’s an area I need to expand to eventually @Viktor7


New lights seem to throw more red hue than blue. We will see what lights do.


Should be good for flowering… @Viktor7


That’s professional competition size. I’m nowhere close to that area even though I think if I wisely distributed lights I could get a decent corner of it. LOL.
I’ve seen grows that big on video. Believe me I’m far too busy to handle anything of that scale. Plus I wouldn’t dare try it being in a outlawed 420 state. Too many variables against me on that. Electric company, driving while black, HAD dreadlocks(LOL), VETERAN, outspoken political position and stay in close contact with many people in civil services. So I’m kind of a chameleon.


Here is a pic of my problem child

This is the mess in the middle I was talking about. I’m sure it would create like a big cola at bottom of plant.
Should I try it in flower to see what happens or clean it up to be safe?


A broken fully developed bud. definitely NOT a good choice to salvage, but I did and this is what I got.


Tent Update:
All Back at home base and now on day 1 of flower:

No SCROG, I will be moving them around


Here comes the stretch!
All 6k and looking fabulous.
I did pick up a visitor from outdoors.
White tunnel spider!!! Yay!!!
No pest suspected.
Given water today, yes they sucked up
1.5 gallons each on the bubble’s.
+rainwater as of to area getting amazing rainfall in prime 70°weather. My garden is flooded. That’s a plus.
Anyway here are the shots.

Full House+ wild card =WINNING
1)Momma: String Bean (blue dream)

2)Seed: Fan Belt (Girl Scout Cookies X)

3)Clone: Frick (blue dream)

4)Seed: Brat (LA Confidential)

5)Clone: Frack (blue dream)



Here are my 9 clones just cruising in the marvelous moisture

These will be outdoors for 2 months. So by the time 5 of a kind is finished the clones will be pumping into flower. At this point I put Frankenstein back online germinating and boosting 5 sprouts under 225w/45 actual LED mixed with basic 40w LED flood & humidity domes.

Clone lineup:
6-Girl Scout Cookies Extreme
2-L.A. Confidential
1-Blue Dream

Seed/Sprout Lineup:
1-Gorilla Glue #4
1-LA Con
1-Cherrie Pie
1-Bruce Banner
1-Skywalker O.G.
1-Black Widow


Awesome line up @Viktor7 you’ll have a regular dispensary when you’re done!


Hopefully now that everything is tested and online; I can enable the goal with decent storage and understandably silent capability to create enough for a decade or two. I really want to continue to support ILGM’s growth as a company that helps the small farmers whom want only the best cultured organic plants.


I will be following along if that’s okay. I see you have the three plants from the pop culture mix pack plus Gorilla Glue?! That’s exactly what I’m going to be growing on my next run plus a gold leaf I’m going to do 5 myself. For me this will be an interesting challenge.
Your LA Confidential was one of the first plants I noticed on here and was really interested in. I will get that one someday. Your bud lineup looks and sounds terrific. Good luck and enjoy your grow!
PS. Your plants look awesome!


Oh believe me when they put together new mixpacks I lost my mind on them as promised. Got heavy hitters and baked sweets too. Not counting the previous seeds I have from purchases.
That’s why I’m not leaving. They are good enough for me.


Supposedly ILGM LA Con strain is 26% capable. I’ll let you know. Thanks for following I try to keep up with everyone’s journals. All interesting. All informative. I hope to be a pro like some of the more advanced growers here


For argument purposes the biggest girl in my tent is cookies. She has what looks like thousands of bud sites! And branching. I only topped this strain 1 time. It sprouted 4 huge branches holding another 4-5 branches. Really is a small tree. Dwarfing the momma blue dream by 1/4.


LA Con is untopped & will be a cute 5’ Christmas tree shape. She grows 2x faster than cookies. Those 2 are the seed plants. My super croppers are nice but the GSCx has my eye.


Lights ARE awesome!! Even bottom branches showing huge bud sites!! Finally got it right!


Thanks! I wish I were brave enough to just shoot under regular lighting now but I don’t want to do anything that may hamper development. So far this grow has been good without any major issues. I will attest that a few weeks(3) outdoors will boost plant growth. I really wanted these plants to stretch fast because of their age. They are 8 months grown in 63° temps for 2 months to allow all plants to start about the same height. The LA Confidential is the youngest (4 months) a regular clone a super crop clone the mother plant and 2 seeds. All running evenly. The GSCx is prime and I suggest everyone try growing this monster amazing yields are forecasted because it does take up 3x3 fully. Very large heavy upper and lower branching. Vast bud sites and making more.