2022 Central Virginia Outdoor Grow

That’s a good idea stakeing around the pot , you don’t have to worry about the wind blowing her over, you still have the option of going into the ground with some high quality potting soil, or putting it into a bigger pot if it’s root bound, she’s big enough to handle any transplanting stress Nice Plant :+1:

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She’s a beast. You should thin her out, you will definitely want the air to flow.:v:


I’m guessing there is way more root in the ground than in that pot. It’s only a 10 gallon pot.

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@Dforce not sure how much root is in the ground. She was transplanted from solo cups to the 10 gallon bag but I didn’t move the bag off of the hard surface she resided on until about a month ago. I moved her because I had her next to a metal shed and I was concerned about the metal emitting heat and being the cause of her drinking so much water. Turns out Big Girl just drinks a lot of water.

I hope the roots have worked through the bag and are digging in deep. No plans to move her now until harvest


Going to be interesting to see how the roots are when you harvest.

I will take pics once I pull her.



Ironically, yesterday after partaking of some of last years White Widow, I was watching the approaching storms and googled how early in their growth cycle do buds become “smokable”.

I will be finding out first hand after the storms (3" per hour rain and 30 mph winds) broke a limb off my tallest White Widow. They started budding 24 days ago.

Did a wet trim and got her drying. We shall see.

Sorry the storms hurt your lady, they were definitely brutal last night across almost the entire state. That definitely looks smokable, and early harvested bud often is. When we have had to harvest early, we have noticed that it needs a bit longer in the jar curing before it is ready, other than that, something is always better than nothing.


Thanks. We had flooding all over our county. The rain was relentless for a couple of hours.

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Hope you are all okay. Water is no joke for sure.


Checking back in. White Widow Autos x 4 are on Day 56. The Gold Leaf has been in the dirt since March, outside since mid April.
All seem to be doing well. Looks like a break in the heat is forecast for later this week. Thank god. Watering the Gold Leaf is a j.o.b.


Yeah, been waiting for that temp drop forever! 84 highs and 60s lows will be just swell… 95+ for a month has been insane… That GL is one massive beast! How long has it been vegging?


The seeds were germinated in too early March. Planted in solo cups and stayed there until mid April when I moved them to the 10 gallon pots. So she has been outside almost 4 months. Need to check again today but it looks like she is thinking about flowering. We shall see. I know I need to start thinning her out soon but I hate yanking the solar panels off her too early

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Welp. Had to chop my autos. Roughly two weeks earlier than I wanted. Life threw me a curve lol but always endeavor to persevere.

Processed one plant so far. Roughly 3 ounces. My guesstimate is 10-12 ounces total.

Big Girl is exploding with buds. Should be an interesting next 2 months.

Dropped 2 more autos into a wet paper towel last night. Growing in the same spot as Big Girl. Think I can squeeze out a good yield by Halloween (76 days).

Hopefully the weather cooperates.