2022 Central Virginia Outdoor Grow

2022 grow. Did a lot more things right this time but still managed to screw things up (again). Main problem is I started to soon. Sprouted my seeds in early March and then transplanted into red solo cups. Because of my early start they outgrew the cups well before they could go outside. I had to lean the plants against the window screen in my garage to keep them from falling over.
Transplanted to 10 gallon bags in the middle of April. Using a 90/10 mixture of Ocean Forest and worm castings as my soil.
Despite my best efforts to kill them the girls are looking pretty good. I planted 3 white widow autoflowers and 1 feminized Gold Leaf.


I live in Zone 8. I learned not to plant or transfer to the outdoors, until after 4-20 or Mother’s Day. Clearly 4-1 was too early. The cold wet/damp/rain not good for seedlings. Those that survived, are doing well for outdoors, now.


I bet I know which are the White Widows!!! They look good. Being autos, you should be going into flower very soon, so the area with the most light possible is where you wanna be! And that Gold Leaf is going to be a beast come flower time!!!


They are getting direct sun from 8 a.m. until 6:30 p.m. or so. Had really good luck with the White Widows last year. Hoping to get two harvests from them this year. Never grown Gold Leaf but she is off to a good start


Hoping to get up and running on eastern shore with WW outdoors. This thread gives me hope. Have you done any nutrients in years past? This year?


No nutes this year yet other than way better soil and and added worm castings. Used the Fox Farms trio last year. Can’t quantity how much they helped but I ended up with 19 ounces of dried bud.

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19 oz > soil seeds castings and some nutes…I may use Fox Farm Bloom for this first outdoor in VA…i’ll add thread with experience as it unfolds.

The girls seem to be enjoying the warm and rainy weather we’ve had the past few days.


Still growing. The white widows are flowering! Gold Leaf is starting to fill in nicely



Checking in after the big storms last night. The girls all rode it out fairly well considering the wind blew hard enough to move the furniture on our porch. Gold Leaf is growing. All three white widows are flowering. The small ww is starting to stack.