1st plant questions

This is my very first plant :slight_smile: kudos

My set up …

My plant is almost a month old…about 1 foot tall…
it has a 8 going on 9 nodes…
I’m starting to get 9 fingure leaves sets…
I use a closet, oscillating fan pointing away from the plant just circulate in the air so that leaves move
Soil I’m using Miracle Grow and I just started using Miracle-Gro feed?

Since germination, I’ve had the plant in light 24 hours a day…

1 6500k led light about 6 inches , I just bought a 250 light ,25 watt led full spectrum light…about 10 inches from top…

The indica plants smells great…

I’m getting a lot of new growth inbwteen nodes…

I water ever 3 days or sooo…

I keep my plant outside as much as possible in direct sunlight between 70-80 degree

I bring it in around 6pm till around 8am in my indoor area…

What’s next? ???

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Put them in flower

So, put it in my closet with fan going, with no light for 12 hours???


Yes, exactly. No light for 12 hours.

Oh yea just measured it around 13 inches from soil to top, 9 fingure leaves around 7 inches long

Oh yea one other thing…the temp in my closet grow area is around 70 Fahrenheit I cannot bring the temperature up? Is that going to affect it during flowering? If so how do I raise the temperature in an enclosed area? I’m using a incandescent 100 watt lamp to bring the temperature up in the room, but don’t notice a different

70°F isn’t too bad, but you could try using a heat mat to warm her up a bit.

Beings it is around 13 inches tall if I start flowering now , how much taller will it get and bushy??

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Depending on strain they can double their height. They will stall at first when switching & then take off.

So say from 8pm till 8 am in my closet no lights just air circulation, temp between 75 or 80?? then I can turn lights back on or bring back outside until same time? ? Just repeat…

Thenks for being patience and answering my questions…it’s my first time. …

Yep, you’ve got it. That’s all the is to it.

I put my plant on 12/12…2nd day…just watered today, is this normal

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Is what normal? She looks beautiful!

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My 1st plant is around 50 days old or so…
Does everything look ok?

Some of the very bottom leaves are starting to die and fall off is that normal? Is it because it’s not getting enough light?

Everything else looks healthy I’m assuming??

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It looks like there’s not enough soil in the pot and therefore, rootbound. You should try to lift the plant up and add soil so the plant is taking advantage of the whole pot size.

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So take the plant completely out of pot and add enough soil 2-3 cups to bring soil level to top??

Should I transplant it into an entire completely different container, like a paint bucket 5 gallon 10 gallon?

I think it’s gonna be more than 2-3 cups, but yes, that’s the idea.

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Sure, you can transplant into something bigger, in fact, that would be best.

Is this good??

I think it might be a female ,it’s getting hairs…

Besides what I’m doing giving it water, nutrients…anything else??