1st EVER grow journal with auto Amnesia Haze


i got mine[aluminum plate] at scrap yard @Fairieswear8oots


I’m all about foraging :+1:t2:



So this is what I have so far

Shopping list:
2x4 plate - 1/8” aluminum good alternative (what’s the standard?)
3- qb 288 at $75 each
3- slate 2 heatsinks at $25 each
1-hlg-320h-c1750a driver at $90
Frame - $30-100
Power cord

Frame for mobility:
In regards to that frame I can pick up a track for around 100+ Wouldn’t that suffice?
It’s just moving back and forth (let me find the link to show you)



Wouldn’t this do the trick? It’s a bit long but if I can’t find the correct size the ol man can modify it (in his sleep lol)

How heavy will the grow light be? This supports up 22lbs


My only experience is with light rail brand. I’m assuming it will be less than 22 lbs. it really depends on how frame is engineered. Qb with heatsink is only like a pound or so x3. Driver a couple of pounds.


You don’t need the plate if using qb’s. That would be entirely different light build.


What you’re going to need is to get the 3 heatsinks together into a single unit to mount to the mover. That’s what the frame is for. If it were me, I’d buy 3 pieces of 48” 3/4” x 3/4” x 1/8” aluminum angle. Then make necessary cuts and bolt or rivet together. Once frame is assembled, you’ll mount each heatsink to it, attach some sort of mounting points to the frame, and then hang from the light mover.


@Onlythebest79 did a real nice job making his frame for qb’s. Perhaps he can drop a couple pics for example.


This not ideal as it’s only 1 board and has pin sinks for cobs. But it’s what I have at the moment for an idea.


@Fairieswear8oots I can’t help you with your lights etc, but I want to wish you the best and never give up you can do it! Despite what every one seems to think, there is no magical method, so sit back and relax and enjoy the grow, my friend! Remember she was pre programed to grow, mature, flower and reproduce, she knows what to do. Let her tell you what she needs and I will guarantee you won’t fail!



Here’s the pics for you

Hope this helps


Awesome thanks!


No biggie hope it helps


That’s fantastic! I need to up my game…



No need to up your game as it’s fairly simple and straight forward on how to hook up. @dbrn32 @MattyBear @BIGE helped me


My DIY lights look like they were made by a 5th grader. Hah!


How do they grow? Like a damn pro!


Hey take their advice on how to do it. I can’t remember who told me from start to go with thicker rail to keep from sagging. It may cost a little more but less headache in the end


my first light looks like that…lol


Thankfully I’m just smart enough that I followed @dbrn32’s advice when I got the materials, so my rails are sturdy enough… but I cut them with a hacksaw by hand with no jig or anything and didn’t put end caps on two of the frames… I cut a lot of corners in manufacturing to get them in the tent. Now that I am almost done with my current grow (another month I think) I will take them all out and rebuild the frames, rewire them more cleanly, etc… and take my time with them. :slight_smile: I would like to find a way to mount the drivers to the rails, but I don’t see any way to do it without throwing off their balance. My rails have 5 COBs each so there isn’t a central place to mount them. I’d have to build a bigger frame that all the rails are part of instead of having three separate rails. In the long run that’s probably what I’ll do… for now I like being able to move them up and down independently.