1st EVER grow journal with auto Amnesia Haze


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Im still waiting for my seeds but I have everything else so I’m gonna get this started now.

Hydro Grow indoors
What I’m using:
2 Auto Amnesia Haze
2 Roit spa, Hydro bucket bubblers
Tent 2x2x4
Led full spectrum light 1200w
Heat pad w/temp controller
Tap water (let it sit for 2 days & ph 5.8
Clay pebbles
Rock wool
Fiskar clippers
Airtight glass jars


I’m subscribed in. Best of luck and great success


Off to a good start! Now just need some seeds!


Setvto watching @Fairieswear8oots


Watching as well, best of luck!

Which light do you have?

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Set to watching as well. Hope you have a great first grow.

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Only suggestion is dont use distilled h20. Can cause calcium deficiencies.
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@Laurap and this is exactly why I’m doing a joyrnal👍
What would you suggest? I haven’t purchased the water yet. That’s just what I used in the soil grow

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I use tap water. At first i was buying spring water but after putting in nutes the ph would go down to about 4. My tap water has a ph of 7.4 to start so by time nutes are added its down to about5.8 so i have to add just a lil ph up. Just make sure to draw your water at least a day before needed to rid of clorine.


Looking good so far @Fairieswear8oots
Water from the tap is fine if you let it sit out a couple days it is usually full of minerals so you will not experience as many deficiency issues.
If you must purchase water shoot for the most natural spring water. Not arrowhead. They actaually filter thier water through an r-o system then they put minerals back in it. I think sparklets is only run through a single stage filter and is more natural from what I have been able to find in my research. Not sure where you are located or what availability is for you
Hope this helps happy growing

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@Laurap haha I’m outta likes already!
Ok that’s great! Thanks so much!!

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Yes!! Thank you!

Re: water

If you have well water, no need to let it sit before using, but check your ec to make sure it’s not too hard.

Tap water from a city water source needs to sit a day or 2 so the chlorine & other added gases can evaporate off. Still check the ec to make sure the water isn’t chock full of dissolved solids.

If you go r/o or distilled, your ec will be 0 or close to zero (my r/o water is .018). You’ll want to add cal-mag or another micronutrient supplement that supplies those things, especially using a strong led.

I bought earth juice’s microblast & 2 nectar of the gods calcium supplements (demeter & persephone), b/c they don’t add any npk, so I can use them even if my plants are set with base nutes.

Get ready to put your meter to good use!

Good luck & happy growing!


If you like the earth juice line their oily cann is calmag and humic without nitrogen as well.


Next grow, I’m switching to earth juice for everything! :grinning:

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I’ve been pretty happy with it. It’s not cheapest, but fairly easy to use. When you do that try mixing your feed day before and bubbling it with an air stone over night. Seems to work very well and should cut down on ph adjusters you need too.



Good luck with your grow! 48