1st EVER grow journal with auto Amnesia Haze


You could remote drivers. That just means more wiring.


Interesting idea… but for some reason I prefer them contained to the fixture. Let me think on it, and if you have a good pic handy of an example with drivers remote, show it to me. :smiley: I’ll see if I can find some examples.


Wow! Is that a 4’ long frame?


I think it’s a little less as it’s in a 2x4 tent. You would want something similar, but I think best application with 3 boards and mover is to flip boards 90 degrees.


@dbrn32 ok I’m starting to get confused with all the other information. This is a problem for me :face_with_symbols_over_mouth:

No ones fault it’s my brain.

Let’s recap so I know I’m with ya.

Using your drawing:

I need a parts list. Is this it?

Shopping list:
2x4 plate - 1/8” aluminum or good alternative
3- qb 288 at $75 each (225)
3- slate 2 heatsinks at $25 each (75)
1-hlg-320h-c1750a driver at $90 (90)
Frame: $30 - 100

Power cords

Frame for mobility ($130)

I think I can get away with just one track and I will have that moving my light slowly back and forth to apply a more even coverage :+1:

Am I on the right track (pun intended lol)


Awwwwbi forgot to tag you too @MattyBear


Thanks hon and that’s why I tagged ya! You keep it simple! I will overthink this into failure!!!


Nope. Remove the 2x4 aluminum plate. For the light electrical stuff.

3 boards qb 288, I would get the version 2 in 3000k.

3 slate 2 heatsinks

1 meanwell hlg-320h-c1750a led driver.

The wire, cords, connectors I can link on amazon if you want?

For the frame to hold them. You’re gonna need like 12’ aluminum angle. And some hardware. Probably 4- 1/4”x2” eyebolts, some nuts and washers, and whatever he decides to use to fasten aluminum together.

The light mover, I have to assume that one will be fine. I’ve never seen that brand before though.


As @dbrn32 stated it’s a little less than 4ft


Don’t worry about it, we all follow a lot of threads and it’s hard to keep track of everyone :v:



So the way I have my qb288’s set in my frame should I turn them to get better coverage. I’m redoing my light and adding another board. I was going to put the other board in the same way as the 2 in frame now or turn them?


Got it!!!
Oh Jerez so this means I’ve got my list and it’s time to start collecting :heart:️:heart:️:heart:️
Thank you so much for all your input!!


Also, I’ll take all the links you offer?

Where do you buy your stuff from?


If you go with 3 boards I would turn them.


I do use some other sources, but that’s mostly for bulk purchases. In the quantity you’re going to need amazon will probably be best bet. Gimme s few and I’ll try to get all in one post so they’re together.


I will not allow it! At least ask someone before you do something you are unsure of. Again learn to listen to your gal! She will tell you what she needs, she already lets you know when she is thirsty! Wait for signs and symptoms before you medicate! Don’t feed unless it is obvious she needs food. Toxicity is a big issue more than any other problem and that is caused by too much in not enough out. I am here so ask! Remember your mind listens to what your mouth (or in this case your fingers lol) says. “I will overthink this into failure” It would have been much easier to say “I can do this” much fewer words!


:kissing_heart: I can do this :kissing_heart:


1 of these, to connect driver to power cord. It may need slight modification depending on driver cable, but super simple with drill bit. We can cross that bridge if need be.

One of these, to be able to plug driver into wall. You can find different length if you need. But this should work for most applications.

You should only need 2 of these, but 10 pack was smallest I could find. They’re pretty handy.

The boards should come with wire and it may be enough that you don’t need any extra. But it may be a good idea to have a little spool on hand.

These aren’t necessary at all. But a super cheap and easy way to keep all your wiring neat at tidy.

I don’t think I missed anything. I’m having hard time editing links. So if you don’t mind, let me tag the big guys and see if they can do it before you order anything. It won’t cost any more, and helps the group out.

@Donaldj @Hogmaster @Countryboyjvd1971 @garrigan65 @Dumme can one of you guys help a brother out with those links please? Not sure what I’m doing wrong.


Absolutely! I’m not ordering anything until we are done. What’s about the lights?


3 of these

3 of these

1 of these

If you sign up for mailing list at arrow they usually send you 10% off code too.

Only other stuff you should need is that aluminum or whatever else he decides to use to build frame and some hardware.