1st Am Haze auto grow

I’m starting this late 1 ILGM am haze auto.
Feb 8th transplanted into 5 gal fabric pot filled with Happy Frog on top of Ocean Forest, layered.
5x5x80 tent 3 hlg 260 quantum boards.
She is sharing the tent with 1 bag wedding cake,1 super lemon haze, 1 sour diesel, and 1 maui wowie all ILGM. WC & SLH are being grown by a co worker/ it’s a grow co-op. My fiance says NO growing in the house.
I’ll add more info and pics when I can.


@dbrn32 @PurpNGold74 @blackthumbbetty @Countryboyjvd1971 and all else welcome

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Cool! Can’t wait to see!

Sweet, hopefully you and your partner have an excellent grow!

Tell your fiancee your fellow grow partner is a woman. She might change her mind about the growing thing in the house. Been married 39 years I know whence i speak. LOL


@dbrn32 co-worker not partner. :rofl::rofl:


the Amnesia Haze

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Front left to right Am Haze auto and Maui Wowie
Middle Sour Diesel
Back wedding cake super lemon haze


@Audiofreak she wouldn’t care as long as the house doesn’t stink. Besides that it’s not legal to grow here Illinois but you can pay 25% tax at the dispensaries


SD 22" high I’ve topped and started lolly popping her and MW. Supercropped MW

Are these all autos?

@Bluntsmoke no just one am Haze 1st row on left

Question for all. I have fan leaf stems turning red.
I’m in Bushmaster Coco Loco soil with 30% perlite. Ph 6.6- 6.3 fed a couple of times.
I’ve read could be magnesium deficiency, ph, stress, etc. Should I be concerned?

I would add calmag weekly by this point or Epsom salts. They look good though.

@VTGROW never used either so is CalMag something that is used only for deficiencies
Or can I use it as a supplement on all my plants?
Thank for the help. My Am Haze auto is blowing up shes hanging with the photos quite nicely.

I would use it for all your girls.

@VTGROW at full strength?

I never introduce something at full strength, usually 1/4-1/2, especially with autos.

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:+1: will I be using it all the way through the grow or just during veg?

Start using small dose regularly and adjust as necessary. If you don’t see any problems or reason to adjust, you can probably drop it about week 4-5 of flower.