100% beginner on a (reasonable) budget


Today my plants are 79 days old and have been flowering for about 5 weeks.
The fan leaves on the Super Skunk plants are turning yellow rapidly. Curiously, they also seem to have a new white growth at the top of some buds, almost like a new bud or flower or something. The buds don’t seem as well developed as they are on the White Widow plant. I wonder, will they continue to get bigger in the next few weeks?
The White Widow plant also has fan leaves turning yellow, only not as many yet - it seems like it is about a week behind the Super Skunk plants in everything it does. The main bud on this plant looks pretty healthy and big to me.
@raustin I would appreciate you taking a look at my photos and letting me know if everything looks okay.
I tried taking some close up photos of the trichomes, but it turns out this 60x attachment I bought for my phone really doesn’t get close enough:
I have this USB/WiFi microscope on order now - I hope it works better:
I need something to get a lot closer in order to see if the trichomes are still clear or if they are turning cloudy…

Super Skunk 1:

Super Skunk 2:

White Widow:


Your plants look great, you’re getting close. I think you should take off those dead, brown leaves, but the yellowing is normal for mid to late flower. You’re probably going to feed two more times before you harvest and start flushing.

Have you tried playing around with your microscope? You can push the barrel in and out to get a closer pic, while also zooming in your camera. I see you’ve focused on the pistils in the pics, but you want to focus on the buds themselves, or the callyx to see the trichomes.


I don’t actually have the microscope yet. What I have are these 2 devices:

But, I did forget about zooming in and cropping after the photo was taken…
Here’s some photos of the buds:

Super Skunk 1:

Super Skunk 2:

White Widow:


Nice trich pics, but they still have a few weeks to go.


Not much new to report. The plants seem to be doing fine. They just passed 6 weeks of flowering, so I took some more photos. What my untrained eye sees is some cloudiness but no amber yet. @raustin would you consider these starting to get cloudy, or still mostly clear?

Super Skunk 1:



Super Skunk 2:



White Widow:



They do seem to be starting to get cloudy, but there’s still plenty of time left in them, at least another two weeks.


Oh, and for what it’s worth - I’m aiming for maximum couch-lock effect on this grow, so I know I plenty of amber. But I’ve also read not to let it get too amber and also that it will continue to mature a little bit after harvesting, so I will definitely need help judging when the right time to flush and harvest are…


Thanks! I’ll keep alternating feeding and plain-watering for now, then.


Also, don’t forget to look at the buds and not the sugar leaves. The trichs on the leaves will mature much faster.


I’m growing super skunk too and I’m in week 10 of flower. Just now starting to see ambers. You still have a bit to go. Don’t get impatient, its worth the wait


The above was a quote from a pH issue I had back in November. The pH of my water is always 5.4-5.5 after I mix my nutrients, then I work on adjusting it back up to 6.5. I just chalked it up to “Maybe pH Perfect isn’t quite so perfect.”

I was just perusing the Advanced Nutrients website and noticed something very interesting on the page about the pH Perfect Sensi Bloom product I had been using:

“pH Perfect is such a potent technology that it can bring a pH of 8.7 down to 5.5 in a matter of seconds. Or, it can raise a low pH of 4.8 to 5.5 in the same time.”

So, that pH is actually by design. I wonder if the pH Perfect products are meant to be used for hydroponic growing only…


My plants are now at 8 weeks of flowering. There’s lots of yellowed leaves on the Super Skunk plants, and some are starting to appear on the White Widow(it seems like it is always a couple of weeks behind the Super Skunks). A bunch of the pistils on the Super Skunks starting turning dark in the last 2 days. The small leaves by the buds (are those called sugar leaves?) on the White Widow have this really neat purple color. I don’t see any amber trichomes yet, but it does look like things are getting cloudy.
I think everything is looking pretty good, but I will tag @raustin @blackthumbbetty @Drillbit @OldSchoolGrower @hangthebanksters some people to take a look…
One new item is some small spots are appearing on the leaves (photos below) of Super Skunk #2 and the White Widow plant. I looked at the “leaf guide” but didn’t find anything that really matched it. I suspect something is beginning to be deficient late in their lives. What I don’t know is - if I need to do anything about it or just let it run its course.







Super Skunks are both ready to flush. For me, they’re ready to be harvested, but I don’t like amber trichs. :grinning:

Might as well start flushing the WW, too.


Well, my plants are now 16 weeks (112 days) old and have been flowering for 10 weeks (70 days).
I ran some Advanced Nutrients Flawless Finish through both Super Skunk plants last week and am just doing plain water now. The White Widow plant is still green and flourishing, so I am still giving it nutrients every other watering.

The trichomes are all very cloudy/milky but I haven’t seen any increase in amber. I really wanted to get as much amber as possible to attain a couch-lock effect, but I don’t want to push these plants too far. I will probably harvest one of the Super Skunks at the end of this week, and another next week. I think I might wait 2 weeks to do the White Widow plant.

I noticed this morning that the very base of Super Skunk #1 is very fat, so I think I may try stem splitting on it. It actually looks like it had sort of a natural vertical split some time ago (see photo). I have to do some research on stem splitting - what size drill bit to use, and how long before harvest to do it. Any tips are welcome.


I like to drill the stem about 5 to 7 days before harvest. I use a 1/4" drill bit, but most people only use a 1/8".


Well, I put a single hole in it with a 1/8" drill bit, just to try it out for the first time. It doesn’t seem like a lot more trichomes have appeared, but I am taking photos every day and do a comparison this weekend between day 1 and day x(the date I compare).
One thing I noticed immediately - lots of new buds. Literally the next day there were at least 10 fat, shiny green buds that appeared, and by the next day they were getting frosty. This has occurred each day since but appears to be slowing down a little bit now.


It’s been about 3 weeks since my “things are getting cloudy but there’s very little amber” post.
Now, all 3 plants are fairly cloudy/milky but there is still very little amber.
Both of the Super Skunk plants are fairly “yellowed” now, but the White Widow appears to be just beginning to consume herself.
I will be harvesting one of the Super Skunks in just a few days and the other one approximately a week after that.
I’m not sure if I should keep going with the White Widow to try to achieve more amber (which is what I really want) or if I should give up and start getting it ready for harvest. I already know what @blackthumbbetty will probably say (“Why aren’t those things hanging in a drying room already?!?”) :laughing: so I am also tagging @raustin @Drillbit @OldSchoolGrower @hangthebanksters to see what others have to say - whether I have a chance to get some amber out of that last plant or not.

Super Skunk 1, harvesting in about a week:

Super Skunk 2, harvesting in 2-3 days:

White Widow, not sure what to do with:


IMHO I would give a dose of high PK light watering, wait 1 day, then flush the heck out of them. Harvest in 1 week. They will have more amber during the cure.


If all else fails, “splitting the stem” can also cause the trichomes to mature faster. But I’d just give her time. If you split the stem, give it at least 4 days before harvest. But be warned, this technique can produce nanners!


I would split the stems, that will cause the trichomes to start ripening faster.